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Date posted 1 June 2018
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Eclipse x.7 is the seventh chapter of Eclipse Interlude Arc. Damsel gets overconfident, is removed from the fire, loses her people, speaks to Director Armstrong, kills The Jewel of Boston, and kills the Woad Giant. Victoria defends Ashley in court.


The villains discuss the Giant and Blasto mostly shrugs off the complaints.

The clockwork dogs showcase their connections alliance and reorganize the entirety of the Boston territory in a ten minute conversation.

Accord scuffs at Damsel's attempt to stand on her own in the conversation. Showcasing intimate knowledge of her operation he mocks her and after Damsel tries to retort and reveal information about the Dogs dealings everyone agrees to remove her from the meeting and she is teleported away.


At the hearing trial is difficult but Victoria tries her hardest to represent the situation in the most accurate way possible.

Them Chief armstrong is called to the stand.


Damsel contemplates the people that have left her group, she leaves the base and walks to a secluded place in the park, then she finally calls armstrong. The discussion is wide ranging some talk is about the Woad Giant. The director lays out why Accord is dangerous including the connections he has.

The whole conversation gets Damsel suspicious. She gets back to the base and confronts J. Removing his arm she tries to interrogate him only to be stone walled, O'Brian looks in and Damsel tells him to leave with the money but she doesn't know if he heard her. Damsel continues mutilating Jay and he tells her that Damsel will never again have what she had with Jay. She watches as he bleeds out.

Damsel takes her frustrations out on the Woad Giant and falls into a dark whole as she thinks of all that she built in Boston coming to nothing. she breaks her hand while blasting through the Giant.

Major EventsEdit

  • Blasto confirms that giant, however durable, is mostly a symbolic gesture.
  • The New City Order in Boston is established.
    • Damsel is ejected from the meeting.
  • Damsel kills what is likely her third person.
  • Woad Giant is brought down.


  • Three weeks of Games had passed before the Clockwork dogs carried out their reorganization.
  • Leadership of the unnamed hero team is still not a settled matter.
  • While the connections Armstrong speaks of could include the Yàngbǎn it most likely refers to Cauldron.


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