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Date posted 31 May 2018
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Eclipse x.6 is the sixth chapter of Eclipse Interlude Arc. Damsel climbs a building, steals a bunch of technology from inside it, has an encounter with Licit, and takes her spot with the major players. Amy asks Ashley about Vicky.


Damsel uses her power for a cinematic wall run, she stumbles, and keeps on going. Reaching the top she catches sight of the Disturbance. A giant taller then most of Boston's buildings, making its way to the sea.

Damsel slides back down to hurry her people along with their technology raid. Damsel finishes it up and jay tells the gang to head out, during the drive damsel of stewing in her depressive state. She fills in Jay that the monster is probably Blasto's.

There is a crash and the convoy needs to swerve to avoid a transparent prism. Licit disabled one of his trucks and seem to intend to stop the heist and Damsel gets in the way. She helps one truck get out of the way and goes to confront Licit.

They get into an extended dialogue and Licit fills Damsel of distress in on the PRT's goals with her. Damsel is, as always, skeptical but Licit is able to convince her to take his phone. In exchange Edict tells the heroes that came with him to back off chasing Damsel's crew.


Ashley has an appointment and asks Riley about faking having manicured nails. Riley says she'll look into it and Amy comes in. Ashley doesn't tell amy anything about victoria not wanting to betray confidences.


Damsel's coitre head out.

The giant settles into the background

Damsel observes the truce meeting, people have come, people have left not it is time for her to take a place in the circle.

Major Events

  • The flashback takes place after the infiltration of Hollow Point and presumably after the train ride to meet with Houndstooth. Given that Ashley explained that she needed an appointment at that time.


  • The Woad Giant that Blasto created counts as a mega project.
  • According to Licit to this moment Damsel did not maimed or killed anyone during her criminal activity.
  • The kids show that Orchard mutilates people to resemble is believed to be a reference to Moomins


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