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Date posted 30 May 2018
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Eclipse x.5 is the fifth chapter of Eclipse Interlude Arc. Damsel’s gang finds a house for an HQ, they discuss how and where to spend their money, Damsel fights and is almost caught by New Wave, is taken care of by J, Ashley has very unappropriate memories.



Damsel tours her new headquarters, being rented with the haul from various jobs. Jay walks her through the house and other things. Jay was able to get the house suspiciously quickly.

Angel and her boyfriend horse around in the pool. Damsel tries on new clothes that Jay brought.

She lays down the law on insubordination and respect within the group. Preparing to go on another job Damsel's attitude does a one eighty and makes Angel laugh.

Cutting to the job, Angel slugs Lady Photon and Manpower gets pissed at her. Damsel intercedes and Angel escapes.

Gets hit by the laser lady and explodes in anger. Her power connects with one of Lightstar's energy orbs as it explodes and magnifies it. Knocked away Damsel uses the moment to withdraw. Fleur follows her.

She is met by brandish who she banters with. The hero informs her that people want to talk to her. Later Damsel is looked after by Jay.


Ashley, accompanied by Ms. Yamada, goes to an important appointment. She meets and catches up with an old acquaintance, Edict. They chat, catch up. Then Ashley reveals that she has some of Edicts memories.

This development is discussed and Ashley admits that she hasn't felt like herself for a long time.

Major EventsEdit

  • Damsel and her group are repelled by New Wave.
    • Manpower and Brandish act borderline suicidal.


  • Jay seems have fully steped into the role of Damsel's second in command.
  • Ashley has bleed out of personal memories from Edict.


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