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Date posted 29 May 2018
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Eclipse x.4 is the fourth chapter of Eclipse Interlude Arc. Damsel makes plans to take down Blastgerm, shreds their headquarters, blackmails Rotten Apple, and the gang celebrates. Ashley talks with the team about anything but the hearing.


In the morning Damsel is up and moving. Going on a walk around the neighborhood and spys one of Blastgerm's heroes. She ruminates on her mood, what she needs to do to make a splash in boston. This includes stealing, mayhem and murder. She returns to the rented motel rooms and organizes her fledgling group.

She questions J's motives and picks the next target: Blastgerm.


Ashley unwinds after court session. She talks with her team and gets more information.

Everyone seems to be under the impression that the nascent hero team is falling apart, for some reason.


Damsel introduces Blastgerm to her brand of chaos Having a running battle with Rotten Apple throughout Blastgerm's headquarters. Winding up in the room with the money Damsel tries to negotiate but apple gets the drop on her anyway.

The battle continues and they end up in Blasto's workshop. Damsel discovers that Blastgerm has been filling out its ranks with hybrid heroes created through Blasto's Tinker tech. Damsel says she's willing to keep quiet for a reasonable fee. Apple complains and agrees.

Later there is a bit of celebration, and the villainous youth group argues about trivialities. Damsel steps out and Jay comes with her.

Major EventsEdit

  • Damsel carries out an arguably successful raid on Blastgerm
  • Kenzie is researching a camera that can look into the past.


  • Damsel's dream to stay up for 72 hours, implicity without chemical assistance, is not recommended under any conditions.
  • The discussion at the Damsel's after party echoes a particular reddit channel.


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