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Date posted 27 May 2018
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Eclipse x.2 is the second chapter of Eclipse Interlude Arc. A new player enters the Boston Games; Ashley gets shown around by some nice kids. The Therapy Group inaugural meeting ends. Damsel attends a Truce meeting.



Damsel arrives at the boston bus terminal. Her preparations to disguise her identity prove to be the perfect match for the guards. Exiting the building she encounters some teenagers. She talks with them and gets a ride into one of Boston's war zones.

During the drive Damsel ruminates on things and is interrupted with an offer for dinner.

Walking around the area she breaks into a house and changes into her costume. using some of the left over material for her mask.


Ashley quietly freaks out over Kenzies vivaciousness.

Yamada tries to steer the conversation into talking about goals. People goes around the room and share theirs. Ashley keeps ruminating.


Damsel attends the Truce summit meeting alone; none of her 'friends' wanted to be minions.

She takes in the assembled villains and realizes she may be about to hit the big time.


  • Kenzies line "I’m going to put my foot on the gas and vreeeeeee", originally stated "reeeeeee", but was changed.


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