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Date posted 26 May 2018
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Eclipse x.1 is the first chapter of Eclipse. In present timeline, Ashley keeps her cool, preparing for her trial. In the past, a violent domestic conflict leads to Ashley’s trigger event. A year ago, one of the early sessions with Yamada. Years ago, Edict finds out that a certain ambitious young woman is headed to Boston.



Present-day Ashley gets pushed around by a patrol block guard, talks with her lawyer, Kenzie, and Victoria. Kenzie tries to smuggle doctored footage of Ashley's attack on Beast of Burden, that shows Ashley killing him in a form of self defense. Ashley advises the lawyer to willingly delete the footage.


Flashback to Ashley’s trigger event. A fight between her abusive father and mother causes her to trigger. She kills her father, accidently whitens her hair for the first time, then rushes over to help her mother. Ashley starts panicking while her mother tries to calm her down. Ashley's new power goes off again, killing her mother. She collects her belongings, leaving her parents bodies in the ruined house, and runs away.


Closer to the present, Ashley talks with Yamada about parahumans, their dreams and memories.


The third flashback to Edict’s perspective. After dropping her kid off at daycare the heroine finds out that her other foster is on her way to Boston.

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  • Ashley has gotten a haircut.


  • Important facts about the psychology of parahumans is shared.
  • Ashley still heeding her abusive father's advice is a common feature of child psychology.


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