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Arc X
Chapter Count 8
Word Count 52,767
Date started
26 May 2018
Date finished
2 June 2018
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Torch (continued)

Eclipse is an interlude arc interpolated in the Torch arc that recalls events of the Boston Blowback in general and Damsel's life in particular.


What was Damsel's life like. Spoiler: it is depressing, terrible, and ends prematurely.



  • Similar to the Migration Arc and the Anniversary interludes; Eclipse was written and posted over sequential days, despite risks to health, sanity, format and spelling.
  • Interestingly the elements of the arc could be said to be a kind of literary palindrome.[1]
  • Whereas the rest of Ward uses the '⊙' circled dot symbol to separate sections within chapters, the Eclipse interlude arc uses the '☽' quarter moon symbol for this purpose.


  1. Wildbow: Repeating my comments from when I watched the live recording:

    Found it interesting Scott & Matt stuck pretty heavily to the notion that Ashley's mental state was power-derived, when there was a tendency to stress how the individual and their personal issues came first in most of 'We Got Worm'.

    Was crossing my fingers there'd be a catch on the overarching arc structure, and they were so close, even highlighting some of it.

    scottdaly85: I am still SO MAD that we missed [...] that [...] (t)he entire arc basically mirrors itself:

    It begins with Ashley looking at herself in the mirror. It ends with Ashley looking at...herself.

    Ashley meets with groups of children to catch herself up on the local situation twice, near the beginning of the arc and near the end.

    Ashley meets villains by fires on the beach twice.

    Ashley destroys a truck and ends up getting into a fight with Edict -> Later, Ashley's truck is destroyed and she ends up in a fight with Licit.

    Ashley kills her parents -> Ashley kills J

    We kind of pointed out the cyclical nature of the arc, but we didn't fully make the connection that it's basically a literary palindrome. = Conversation on Reddit

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