The Echidna (pronounced “eh-kid-nah”),[3] formerly known as Noelle Meinhardt, is a powerful being, described as potentially being a nascent Endbringer.[4] Her intense hatred of the Undersiders directed her to focus primarily on killing the team. She is amazingly destructive, powerful, and hard to stop. She qualifies as a Class-S threat, a category that includes the likes of the Endbringers.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Echidna's emotional state is incredibly volatile, heavily influenced by her power and mental issues. She has an adversarial relationship with her body, with her body constantly seeking highly destructive and aggressive combat. While Echidna disliked the prospect of killing, her body had a mind of its own, trying to subvert her by twisting her perceptions of other people and instilling a killer instinct within her that was difficult to suppress.[5][6] When she gave in to her "other half," she would experience visions, usually from her memories, while her body took over and rampaged of its own accord until the vision ended. Echidna worried that her body would completely subsume her, leaving her as a passenger in her own body.[7] Later, however, she became more in sync with her body, sympathizing with its anger and viewing the world in a more detached manner.[8]

She had an intense hatred of the Undersiders for killing Coil, who she perceived as being her only hope to go home and become normal again. This hatred was exacerbated by her body's killer instinct, which led to Echidna developing homicidal feelings toward the Undersiders.[9]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Echidna's body changes with the amount and type of tissue that she consumes. From her pelvis up, Echidna appears exactly as she originally had as Noelle. Underneath is a mass of flesh from which animal heads, limbs and other assorted body parts protrude. The tissues of her lower half are split between smooth dark green, brown and gray flesh and angry, wrinkled and blistered red flesh. Prior to her internment in Coil's base, the limbs of her lower half included forelegs ending in a cross between claw and hoof, a set of tentacles (with assorted exoskeletons) that were able to support her weight, and a gigantic arm and hand with another limb sprouting from the palm. Lower-body heads included a horse-sized half-bovine and half-canine head and a half-sprouted head. These features would further develop and change before the combined hero and villain forces fought her.[10]

She could shift her body like fluid, pushing it through rubble and dissolving her own bones when necessary.[11]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Echidna consumes tissue and 'evolves' body parts, varying from wolf-like heads to legs. When touched she will vomit a clone of whoever is touching her - with all the powers they may have - that are stronger, violent, and impossible to control. If she maintains contact with the original, she can continuously produce clones. Clones, along with vomit, are her only excretion; she eats only meat and it adds directly to her mass. This ability is a Master/Trump effect where she creates clones that possess modified or even stronger versions of the original's powers.[2][12]

Tattletale considers Echidna to be as strong as Leviathan,[13] who is classified as a Brute 9 to Echidna's Brute 8,[14] but is not as durable and is able to move quite fast despite her size. While seemingly indestructible due to her quick regeneration, she in fact can be killed. Anything cut away from the core of her body will deteriorate and die, while anything left attached to the core will quickly regenerate. This includes her human body that is regrown if cut away and heals if severely damaged. If Echidna's core is destroyed, the rest of her is destroyed as well.[15]

Anyone she touches is absorbed and, if a parahuman, has their powers suppressed,[16] some parahumans take extra punishment before they succumb. The ingested experience vivid hallucinations based on the worst moments of their lives.

Her clones are usually physically tougher than the original, resistant to pain and injury, although this effect seemed to grow weaker as she produced increasing numbers of clones. They vary based on how long she spent creating them - clones that are produced too rapidly are fragile, half-formed and missing body parts, while clones that are held inside too long are heavily mutated to the point of having difficulty moving.[17] Even the most human-looking clones are visibly different from the original.

Echidna can also create hostile versions of rats, insects, spiders, and other organisms that she absorbs, and can mutate fungi and bacteria into a form that temporarily debilitates anyone she captures.[18]

She has also developed an extremely unstable temperament as a direct result of her power. Her displacement from Earth Aleph and Simurgh's tampering also contributes to her unstable state.

It is likely that her power was affected by the fact that Echidna was administered only half of a dose of a power elixir; her unstable temperament and monstrous lower body were probably not in the intended spectrum of effects. Oliver, who drank the other half of the dose, may have received the portion of the power intended to moderate and control these effects.

Echidna has a thinker power that interprets people's power through "taste" or "smell" It seems that this serves as a weak tracking aid, but serves primarily to identify the powers parahumans have in order to facilitate the planned creation of clones.[19] This helps tracking down targets.

History[edit | edit source]

Echidna is the codename of Noelle Meinhardt, a member of the nomadic villain group known as the Travelers. The Travelers are a group of dimensionally displaced teenagers from Earth Aleph who were dragged into Earth Bet during the Simurgh's attack on Madison.

Noelle and the rest of her group found and drank several Cauldron vials that they found in a briefcase, granting each of them powers. However, Noelle and Oliver split one of the vials, each of them drinking half. As a result, they received what are believed to be two halves of the same power - Oliver's appearance gradually adjusts to the local standard of attractiveness, and Noelle became the monster known as Echidna. A common theory is that by splitting the vial, the intended power was broken into two parts, leading to a weaker stabilizing power and an incredibly unstable power.

Echidna was the main cause of the Travelers' nomadic lifestyle, due to her occasional rage states that resulted in dozens of deaths. They arrived in Brockton Bay after fleeing from Boston, enticed by Coil's promises of a way to cure Noelle. Noelle was kept in a secure room underground, far away from other people, but could communicate via a microphone and loudspeaker installed in her room.

She later escaped after finding out that the Undersiders had killed Coil. Coil had broadcasted his last moments to Echidna's cell, dashing her hopes of being cured of her condition. This resulted in her going into a rage and culminated into the Battle against Echidna.[20]

During her rampage, Echidna was finally killed by her former friend Sundancer, who incinerated her and several capes still trapped inside of Echidna at the time.[21]

Other Information[edit | edit source]

"Echidna" is the codename used for Noelle. A PRT member suggested the name because he had a daughter named Noelle and didn't want to associate the name with the monstrous equivalent. It is implied that this PRT member is the Earth Bet version of Noelle's father, as they share the last name Meinhardt.[22]

Echidna's most notable "human connection" is with Trickster. He is the Traveler most able to control her, while simultaneously being the main reason the Travelers have not abandoned Noelle.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Echidna was named by fans before being eventually incorporated into the story proper.[23]

References[edit source]

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