Earth Shin, also called Supreme Earth is an alternate reality in close parallel with Earth Aleph and Earth Bet. As "Supreme Earth", it was the setting for an early draft of Worm.[1]



Supreme Earth was an alternate reality that featured villains operating like terrorist cells, destabilizing society to make people dependent on superhumans to get energy, food and safety. Basically put, a world with superhumans that had no superheroes. Takeover on a global level, with non-superhumans as second class citizens.[1]

Somewhere between 2008 and 2011 portal in White Rock, British Columbia, becomes a public knowledge, spurring smuggling activity around it. Eventually it becomes a vectors for diseases, gets quarantined, and produces Goddess' Cluster. Bianca with her clustermates get exiled into Earth Shin by Cauldron, and shortly she takes over the local parahumans and the planet.

Professor Haywire discovered Supreme Earth, naming it "Earth Shin" or "Earth S". The PRT is aware of its existence, and the potential threat represented by Goddess' mind control is one of the reasons they are now extremely cautious of contact with other Earths. Its existence is heavily classified within the PRT and government.[2]


There was some sort of breach event in Paris on December 19th 2012.[3]

Gold MorningEdit

Khepri came upon this Earth and took its occupants, seizing them for her war. Only Goddess and her inner circle were able resist, and then only temporarily.[4]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Its leader was rumored to have returned to her earth to rule it,[5] it has presumably stayed connected to the wider multiverse.[6] However, Goddess was in fact a resident of Earth Gimel, seeking a power that was stolen from her, and which she needed for the reconquest of Earth Shin.[7]

Shin was a critical supplier of Gimel, providing crude materials[8], clothing[9], and food.[10]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Local governments accepted reintroduction of parahumans with severe conditions.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Following the reveal of political involvement of parahumans on Gimel, Shin attempted to establish the dominance over The City by leveraging their relief support during incoming winter. At the time Shin provided around the third of the Gimel resources, including food.[11]

Cultural notes and DivergencesEdit

Shin has a landmass in the Atlantic Ocean, called the Alleghenian Ridge, that is not present in other recorded Earths. It made possible early migration from war-torn Europe to Americas.[12] They also suffered two extinction level events at some point in their history.[13][14]

Scientists on Earth Shin were extremely interested in investigating powers. Goddess herself claims to have benefited from Shin science.[15] She also claims that Cauldron would deposit Case 53s and other curiosities on Shin for her labs to puzzle out.[16]

The architecture tended to be grandiose, regal and heavily decorated.[17][18][19] Local national flags follow the same trend.[9] Clothing styles, while practical, are similarly quite distinct in style and decorative elements. In region equivalent to North-East American coast, colorful braiding is a very popular motif.

Shin has heavily formalized negotiation culture, with honorary mirroring and subtle nuances of positioning. When performed properly it has poetic qualities.[20] It seems to be a product of contradiction of violent, but war-averse culture.[12]

Their approach to law enforcement while mentioned as expansive in scope, in many ways still very medieval and anarchic, favoring low regulation, short imprisonment, communal jails, courts-of-peers, and violent punishments.

Goddess attempted to make English universal language of the planet. While some locals are able to understand and speak English, it did not take hold en masse due to shortness of Bianca's reign.[12]

Notable InhabitantsEdit

  • Goddess - transplanted dictator of the earth.
  • Tori Heflin
  • Ramrod (possibly known under a different alias) had a personality similar to Taylor, willing to make 'bad' decisions if there were 'good' justifications. For Ramrod this entailed keeping her family safe. She ascended the ranks of Goddess organization and struggled while finding out Goddess secrets.[1] based on the name she may have been the unnamed cape with a pole, who had a power not unlike Gavel’s. Though that cape was male.[21]
  • "Pod surgeon" - Lieutenant responsible[22] for the local capes' photogenicity.[23]
  • Parahuman, responsible for mass-production of docile artificial human-like servants.[24][25]
  • Luis of the Founders
  • Yosef of the Lone Sands
  • Amelia Claire Lavere
  • Chris Elman
  • Marquis
  • Around hundred-and-half of various parahuman ex-prisoners from Bet and Gimel
  • Local parahuman warlords


  • In early drafts of Worm, the question of how Goddess controlled the superhumans so effectively and totally was a central mystery as the protagonist (Ramrod) ascended through the ranks. Wildbow has stated that he still considers the story canon.[1]
    • A seemingly unrelated, male character named Ramrod is mentioned twice in Worm.


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