Earth Nun, more commonly known as Earth N is a cornerworld that is under the influence of many villains.

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Earth N began being colonised shortly after Gold Morning. A lot of raw materials were taken from Earth N and used to help build the City in Earth Gimel.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

The team visited Lord of Loss and Marquis on Earth N.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Cradle and his army retreated to Earth N, and it was here that the hunt for him took place.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Victoria, Tattletale, and Sveta traveled to Earth N in order to track down some information on the cyber-attack. As a byproduct, their investigation led to conflict over local influence between Semiramis, Little Midas, and Bluestocking.[1]

Some of the Teacher's minions fled here following his defeat by The Wardens.[2]


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