Earth Gimel is the main setting of Ward. It is an earth that diverged from other human occupied earths roughly 5,000 years ago.[1]

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A portal was opened to Gimel from Bet by the combined forces of Labyrinth and Scrub, in Brockton Bay.[2] A settlement was soon established there.

Gold MorningEdit

Became a home for refugees during the events of Gold Morning.


Sometime after Gold Morning, the City was established properly and formed into a megalopolis.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Low intensity conflict with Earth Cheit starts.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

The Ice BreaksEdit

Titans-induced desolation of The City spreads across the Atlantic ocean.[3]


  1. The deviation point seems to be nearly five thousand years ago. Several teams are working on analyzing the sites where humans settled, looking for the cause of extinction. - Excerpt from Imago 21.5
  2. Scourge 19.7
  3. The European settlement had seen the first cracks cross their territory, extending across the ocean to where they were. - Excerpt from Last 20.a

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