Earth Gimel is the main setting of Ward. It is an earth that diverged from other human occupied earths roughly 5,000 years ago.[1]


The colony on Gimel and associated territories had an estimated population of fifty million, although most of this was located in the City[2], since people were reluctant to leave relative safety and support of portals. Some considered it to extend into over 15 Earths.[3]

There were only three universities, which made it very difficult to continue an education.[4]

Refugees used at least two currencies – New Dollars and Trading Dollars. The first one was devaluing before story start,[5] and the second one was supported by outside's machinations.[6] Trading Dollars have become the common currency.[7]

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History Edit


Had a few prehistoric humans running around but they died out.


A portal to Gimel from Bet was opened in Brockton Bay by the combined forces of Labyrinth and Scrub.[9]

Early colonization followed on from team confirming that the world was safe. Population from Brockton Bay and other areas came to Gimel and forming New Brockton.

Bitch and her crew join the frontier population.[10]

Gold MorningEdit

Became a home for refugees during the events of Gold Morning.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

At some point a portal from New York Bet is created and used to evacuate population of US east coast alongside with Brockton Bay portal.

Resulting sprawl of refugee tent settlements, New Brockton and New York central form The City.

At least two other parallel earths (both with prominent world governments), provided invaluable assistance. Cheit gave out the majority of support, with around the third of resources coming from Shin, the tenth was sourced from corner worlds, and the remainder was scavenged from Gimel and Bet themselves.[11]

In 2015 The Grower's Court refuses to tithe a portion of their harvest back to the government despite taking full advantage of various forms of support the government provided.[12]

Two years past GM, Gimel.US continues to experiencing active inflow of refugees from Earth Bet.[13] It will likely have to bring in even more. Gary Nieves estimated that at least 26 million people still remained on Bet.[14] The region also still heavily relies on foreign aid, so much that it invites struggles with political independence and economical autonomy.[11]


Sometime after Gold Morning, the City was established properly and formed into a megalopolis.

Settled into something of a routine.

Was shaken up by the aftermath of the Mathers Compound Assault.[15]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Already heavily disrupted refugee intake being targeted by unidentified paramilitary.[14]

Low intensity conflict with Earth Cheit starts.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

The Grower's Court faced a crackdown based on their previous behavior.[12]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

After The Wardens captured Teacher's tech and data The City was slated to mass evacuation due to inevitable dimensional collapse of the region. This only fueled public unrest.[16]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Titans-induced desolation of The City spreads across the Atlantic ocean.[17]

Ward EpilogueEdit

Civilian population retreats to the corner worlds. Gimel and The City are left for parahumans and their relatives.

The ruins of the City are being reclaimed and repopulated.


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    “And those two groups are the ones butting heads?” I asked.

    “No, the two construction groups are banding together, kind of. The workers who have been doing the actual construction work seem to think they were promised a significant discount and first opportunity to buy the houses they’ve been building. They’ve been living in a tent village, working long weeks, miserable conditions.”

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    Very quiet with no people. Learning to cut them up. (The bison not people).

    People are cutting down trees to clear space around portal, but easy to stay away from them. Simple way to live. Nice but miss toilets.

    (We all miss toilets)

    Tattletale visits, brings dog food and tools, tents.

    Is what I wanted for long time. Except others, my people, but they are okay and I can take a break and ride for while if they get on my case.

    Being around you wasn’t simple or quiet but things made more sense. Your minion with dark hair said we need to be around people but I’m around people and still feel somethings missing.

    Fucked up. Makes me angry. Tattletale tried explaining but whatever.

    Going to take puppies to your place again soon. Show the kids to them. Might help.

    You have plan, okay. But if your plan means you’re thinking about fighting us you should know I am getting very good at hunting and skinning things.

    Sucks somehow but can’t really understand why. Maybe see you at next Endbringer fight. We both stay alive. Try hard.

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