Earth Cheit, also known as Earth C, is an alternate reality in parallel with Earth Aleph and Earth Bet, and a major background player in the story of Ward.[1]



Cheit's point of divergence is situated around fifteenth century (also known as the 1400s) and associated with over-inclusive reactionary movement against authoritarian anti-theist sentiment in some unspecified monarchy.[2] This went on to form a single Theocratic world government based on abrahamic roots.[3][4], that provided nearly twelve billion people, but became culturally stagnant.

When the entities came to earth they observed the possibility of Cheit but ultimately discarded it as an option for a Colony.[5][Note 1]

Cauldron sourced some of it's test subjects from Cheit.[6]

Due to either Eden's demise, basic cross-contamination, or a larger Entity plan now defunct they had their own parahumans.[citation needed]

Gold MorningEdit

Likely suffered at Zion's hands as much as the other earths. Their parahumans were likely collected by the Khepri to end the threat.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Apparently at the local variant of New York, mentioned in the Epilogues, in Manhattan there was a cartel led by a powerful parahuman who even the the Wardens feared.[7]

Earth Cheit provided wealth of the resources during the construction of the City, as well as workforce, with no tangible reward.[8][3][9] It was estimated that Cheit was responsible for roughly the half of Gimel material resources, especially food supplies during the first winter.[10]


When some of their people were caught in a Broken trigger event, they threatened war.[8] Auzure were concerned with the possibility of an inter-dimensional war involving Earth C,[11] which they believed would be surprisingly brutal.[12]

There were small but dangerous factions within Cheit who were interested in war with other worlds, such as "doomsday radicals", and a group named the "Fourth Sect" who advocated "thinning" of their own population.[13]

Some Cheit-affiliated mercenaries, namely The Order, start to offer their services to The City villains.[14] It's likely that roughly at the same time Cheit also started sponsoring local paramercenaries providing them with equipment, contacts, and henchmen, forming units similar to the russian ones.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Fallen, that managed to avoid arrests, retreat under Cheit protection.

Unspecified combatants originating from Cheit started open assault on the population of Gimel.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

The dimension is slowly falling under the thumb of a new savior.[6]

The local leaders were exposed to Christine Mathers, and she was given free reign over the planet. By rewarding and punishing thousands of religious leaders with her power Christine started shaping the world according to her cult's views.[15]

Cultural notesEdit

Abrahamic religions are generally patriarchal.

The Earth is not directly linked to Gimel but like some other worlds they have a relevant amount of parahumans,[16] many of whom concealed their abilities and occupied positions of civilian power.[12] Unlike Earth Bet they do not have a culture familiar with powers nor the various institutions to provide a check or balance with them.

Given the fourth Sect's (see below) activities it is possible that they are under some sort of resource strain.

Notable InhabitantsEdit


  1. It is unknown if this is entirely accurate but it seems a reasonable guess.


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