Dynamite Warrior Dash Fantastic is the leader and most sane member of the most insane (though fabulous) team on Gimel, Super Magic Dream Parade.


While her teammates had been known to flake out in crises, with D.W.D.F. they did show up and hold up their end during the Fallen crisis. [1] She was confident the team could deal with Sabrina Crowley, though less effusively so than Mystic Magic Impaler.[2] She was very quick to ask if killing Vince Crowley was acceptable. [3] Victoria saw her as a good influence on her teammates, in a "prison guard dealing with unruly inmates" sense, and she showed at least basic tactical sense.[4]


Leader of the team Super Magic Dream Parade. She had some contact with Imp. [5] Despite claiming leadership, Victoria didn't recognise her as being associated with Magic Knight Crash and Mystic Magic Impaler before Gold Morning. [1] She was bossy toward them, in a sensible way.[4]

Had fought Empusa, Sabrina Crowley, before.[2]


She is curvy, with a round face. Her costume includes an orange-and-purple-camo crop top with armor panels on it, her belly bared, war paint on her cheekbones, inch-and-a-half long pigtails, and no obvious weapons. [6]


Post-Fallen fallEdit

Dynamite Warrior Dash Fantastic and her team assisted in trying to stop the attack on the portals.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

She and her team were nearly the victims of an attack similar to the Navigators Incident.


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