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Date posted 30 May 2013
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Drone 23.3 is the third chapter of Drone. Taylor goes to confront Glenn, finds out when restrictions will be lifted. Offers to make costumes, gets mail, and designs her costume.


A quick view is given to the PRT branding and public relations department.

Taylor lets slip classified information to get the assistants to leave.

They get into a long discussion about expectations and rules.

Defiant and Chavalier walk in and explain the full situation to her, including where her actions have placed her.

Taylor acqueses for now.

Back at her gaol cell she does her usual routine of thinking about her path forward and having her spiders horribly murder something for use later.

She gets a large bag of fan mail, that say a few alarming things but most importantly she gets letters from her former team. Which fills her with emotion.

Taylor opens her notebooks and really starts making her own identity.

Major EventsEdit

  • Weaver gets the rules explained and explicated to her
    • Offers to make Silk bodysuits
  • "Skitter" Gets letters from home
  • Teylor decides to try things her way.


  • If the guard is telling the truth then Tattletales preface to the letter is another example of her power giving her inaccurate information.
    • If Tt isn't acting like her usual self to put Taylor more at ease.



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