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Arc 23
Chapter Count 6
Word Count 45,308
Date started
25 May 2013
Date finished
6 June 2013
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Drone is the twenty-third arc of Worm. It is preceded by Cell and followed by Crushed. Weaver starts work with the white hats.


Finally entering the ranks of the Protectorate, but not yet placed on a team, the newly christened Weaver splits her time between jail and a series of deployments while she tries to find her footing as a hero.

The first local she is sent to is New York where she is evaluated by a jury of her peers. Ward captains of various major teams. She participates in an action against the Adepts. and as usual our protagonist is instrumental in defeating them.

She is later part of a squad sent to Las Vegas along with Rime, Vantage and others. They try to stop the kidnapping of a Prisoner but instead find them caught up in a large web of intrigue including the boogeyman.

Weaver later confronts the PRT's Image Director who has been handicapping her in her missions in an effort to be "politically correct". This turns out to be part of the very compromise that got her into the wards of the first place.

Weaver finally has her meeting with Jessica Yamada who is able to take her to Boston. Against all odd things actually look to be going well. Then she gets word of New Delhi.

Weaver gets ferried by Dragon and Defiant who were en route. Defiant gave her a gift in part of the righting of past wrongs. She mentions her future team and makes an important decision regarding how she'll deal with the endbringers.



  • Chapters following this post have a shift in themes, the person working against the system is eclipsed by the need for survival against the various threats in Worm.[1]


  1. Worm is in part about frustration with the system, the cogs of school, business, government, etc. Even family is not necessarily a smoothly working system. Taylor rails against these institutions and we see them in-setting as forces where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and vice versa, and where the forest is lost for the trees or the trees forgotten for the forest. Danny's Union work and the apparently simple solutions that could better Brockton Bay, the system of cops and robbers, and even the unwritten rules are systems that buckle and break in the face of complex individuals and objectives. Dictators and strongmen like Tagg or Alexandria can appear to have an iron control over these systems but this just leads to bigger disasters the moment they come face to face with someone that finds a chink in the armor or who has a little bit more grit and rebellion than they have on a bad day.

    The PRT has 'PR' in its name - it's a primary focus because capes are so very scary. Showing that the capes can cooperate, play nice, and play by rules (however stupid this is in practicality) serves greater ends because it keeps capes in the picture. Take them out of the picture, inadvertently or intentionally (keeping in mind that flawed policy and system: you could have the best idea on paper but in practice it's managed by flawed people) and it's everyone vs. capes and that doesn't end well for anyone.

    Edit: Flaired this as 'up to Drone'. Keep spoilers in mind, please, for anything beyond that point. I don't care that the OP has read fanfic and probably been exposed to 1000 variants on the idea. It's just good etiquette. - Wildbow on Reddit

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