Dredge is a member of the Alaskan supervillain team known as Tuurngait.


Dredge is shorter than average with short dark-brown hair. He wears a black mask that covers the lower half of his face, black gloves and a long grey hooded coat.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dredge is a psychometric, a post-cog that can draw knowledge from objects and people in his immediate vicinity.

Dredge supports the team as safecracker, and performs other tertiary roles. Largely a noncombatant, he proves more vulnerable than a non-parahuman due to a lack of awareness regarding his surroundings. It seems that the information that his power provides him is making him insensate.



Triggered during a hunting trip he and his siblings arrived late to find their cabin burnt to the ground with their family inside.

Eventually became the proprietor of a pawn shop.


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