The Dragonflight,[1][2][3] (also known simply as Dragon suits[4][5][6][7] or Dragon-craft[8][9][10][11]) are a fleet of myriad aerial vehicles that Dragon and her associates create and use.

Shared TraitsEdit

Dragon's 'suits', as they are known to the public, are mechanical creations stylized with claws, scale-like armour plating and dragon-like "faces".[12] Some had wings.[13] They usually have names associated with dragons and related mythological tropes.

Since the public believed Dragon was a human who usually personally piloted her suits, the smaller suits were humanoid and the larger suits had interiors with room for a pilot.[14] They often contained fetus-like "biological computers" which were very difficult to hack, and which could be mistaken for human pilots by some powers.[15][16]

Her suits were expensive to construct, and were often funded by The Protectorate.[17][18] They also had substantial fuel costs when active.[19]

As the creator of containment foam, Dragon's suits were one of the only locations containment foam solvent was kept (the other being specialized PRT trucks under high security.)[20] She often utilized cell phone towers to communicate with them and re-program them on the fly; without them, her bandwidth was limited, rendering them easier to outsmart.[18]

Known SuitsEdit

Unnamed suits Edit

The Dragonslayers stole three unknown suits and used them to create their own suits of armour.[16]


Cawthorne is a town in England that was once said to have a dragon nearby which would fly away when disturbed.[21][22]

The Cawthorne[23] is Dragon's rapid response unit[24] designed for speed rather than durability or firepower.[25] It had a squat, segmented, snakelike body, with a tail and four legs. Four engines mounted on the upper body doubled as weapons arrays, bristling with turrets and missiles.[25] The suit was equipped for fighting serious threats at a moment's notice, and thus carried mostly lethal weaponry. The "engines" could spray containment foam, a gas that dissolved the foam, and fire-retardant chemicals. The feet were broad metal talons, and could be electrified and leak the same foam-dissolving gas. The mouth sprayed a burning fluid of some kind.[15]

She deployed an unnamed suit, possibly the Mark One or Mark Two, against Leviathan. A durable creation that contains multiple layers, heavy weaponry and the ability to release a spray of blue-white liquid "flame" from its mouth. It also features missile turrets and the ability to shed and detonate its outer casing.[26][27]

The Mark Three was seen later described as a sleek model resembling a cross between a dragon and a fighter jet, mounted with four engines around the ‘shoulders'.[28] Primarily armed with containment foam sprayers.[29][30][31] Skitter and Tattletale identified it as an updated version of the same suit used against Leviathan.[32][33]


Melusine is a mythical female spirit, often depicted with snakelike features, and said to transform into a dragon.

The Mark Six was a suit with the ability to absorb metal and generate heat, both as a weapon and to re-forge the metal into new components. It could self-repair by creating new components and reshape itself to accommodate them; or "reincarnate", casting off it's outer layer or folding itself inside-out to reveal a new suit inside. Demonstrated immense strength, the ability to fly, the ability breathe liquid blue fire and a grappling-hook weapon in different incarnations.[34][35][36] Skitter identified it as an altered version of the unnamed suit that fought Leviathan.[35]

A Melusine V would later comes to serve as Dragon's personal craft.[37]


Glaurung was the first dragon in Middle-Earth, known as "the Father of Dragons".

The Mark Zero was an "old model", designed to deploy drones of varying loadouts.[34][38] The size of four eighteen-wheel trucks. The mouth shot pressurized blasts of wind. When fighting the Undersiders, it launched drones the size of beach balls, equipped with electric pulses based on Armsmaster's design and antigrav panels based on Kid Win's; they would use the pulse, drop to the ground, and then reboot in a couple of seconds. The pulses would get increasingly powerful if a person refused to comply.[31][38]


Ladon was a serpent-like dragon-guardian from Greek mythology.

The Mark Two: A small, almost spherical suit[28] that can generate force-fields.[34][28] The force-fields are strong enough to ignore Sundancer's attacks.[31]


The Nidhug is a dragon from Norse mythology. Astaroth is a demonic reinterpretation of Ishtar, often depicted as riding a dragon-like creature and said to give to mortal beings the power over serpents.

Astaroth-Nidhug: A hybrid suit, making use of the Nidhug design that was partially damaged in prior confrontations. It looked like a cohesive design, a massive gun barrel with teeth at the end, outfitted with three afterburners at the rear and three at the midsection. The size of a commercial aircraft.[28] Functions as long-range support, firing at targets from a safe spot in the stratosphere.


Pythios is another name for the Greek deity Apollo, who slew the serpent (sometimes represented as a dragon) Python.

The Mark Two had a spoked, wheel-shaped contraption on its back as wide as the suit is long, that crackles with electricity and spins faster as the suit uses it's abilities. The legs are long enough that the knees rise above the body, ending in four sharp points, and wing panels join each of the legs like flaps of skin. The body is low to the ground, with a long tail. It can fight with electrical discharges, and pull people around even if they aren't carrying metal.[29][34]

At some point, the Dragonslayers acquired a destroyed Pythios-model suit, equipping one of their number with human-sized armour derived from it that featured a rotating wheel on the back.[39]


A suit that was designed to go up against the Slaughterhouse Nine on an even footing, constructed in cooperation with Defiant. The first original suit Dragon produced in four years.[34] It took two weeks to produce. Although mechanical, it resembled a biological organism, with scales, batlike wings, and incredibly dense and numerous internal mechanisms. It had a lizardlike body, snakelike neck, and humanlike shoulders and arms. The gaps between the scales glowed like coals, and the wing-tips had holes in them. It spoke in a deep voice. The Azazel could generate thin, telescoping rods by slamming it's foot down, that rapidly formed barricades equipped with nano-thorn extrusions. It's mouth could breathe superheated air or containment foam. The chest fired a grappling hook that could freeze in a manner mimicking Clockblocker's power, but it drained the suit's power reserves.[38]

The Azazel was later reproduced in greater numbers in preperation for End of the World, and ended up being used in the effort against the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand. In addition to the capabilities displayed by the original suit, they had an interior compartment outfitted with windows,[40][41][42] powerful thrusters, a strong tail, numerous long-range sensors, and powerful cutting lasers.[43]


  • Azazel refers to a fallen Angel said to have told mankind how to create weaponry - fitting, given Defiant's connection to it as a disgraced hero and tinker.


Kulshedra is a demonic dragon from Albanian folklore that requires human sacrifices.

Dragon craft used for prisoner transport, destroyed by Bambina and Contessa during a prisoner transfer in Las Vegas.


Pendragon by Phoenicia

Pendragon means "dragon's head" in Welsh, it is a title of Uther from Arthurian legends.

A mechanized dragon painted in black and green, glossy, with gold framing the shield at the dragon's forehead, at the ‘wings' and shoulders.[44] Used for combat and transport, usually piloted by Defiant, the ship contained seats and had screens lining the walls. It was "built to take a beating".[45][46] It had lethal force-field generators on the underside, but they took around four minutes to recharge.[46]

The Mark Two served as Defiant's workshop as he worked on Pandora.[37]


  • Pendragon roughly translates to "head dragon" or "chief dragon".


Defiant's craft.[28] Four legged, has "panels of knightly armor".[47] Defiant can control it with his mind at a distance, and get sensory feedback and telepathically create blueprints for new technology while at the controls.[36]


  • Uther shares the etymology of Pendragon.


A vehicle dedicated to ferrying Weaver around, once D&D decided that she is safe enough to be left without convoys.


  • Dragonfly is an obvious pun based on thematic crossover.


Used as a vehicle by Defiant, never described in detail.[48]


  • Tiamat is a Babylonian goddess, mother of monsters (including the first dragons) and said to have become a dragon herself in battle. Possibly a D&D reference.



Dragon created her first suits using money she received for acting as a hacker for the PRT.[16]

At some point, the Dragonslayers stole three Dragon suits by exploiting Dragon's nature as an AI. Humiliated, she only reported that she had lost one. She began using biological computers in her later suits in an attempt to prevent a repetition of this theft.[16] Despite her efforts, the mercenaries later acquired the remains of a Pythios model.[49]

Sent a suit into the Battle against Leviathan.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Dragon had not created any new designs in the four years prior to the Monarch arc, only updated old ones.[50]

The TimeskipEdit

The Dragonflights numbers swelled.


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