Downtown is the central area of Brockton Bay.


Downtown was one of the nicer areas of Brockton Bay. The streets and sidewalks were wide, and there were skyscrapers in every other lot.[1]

The south-east part of downtown was housing. It was relatively nice, although there were some E88 gang tags and broken windows here and there. It was a clashing mix of old and new buildings.[2]

Lord Street was the main road that ran through the city and downtown, tracing the line of the bay.[3]

The downtown bordered onto the coast, near the south ferry station.[4]

It was a half-hour walk from Winslow High,[1] but it was impossible to catch a bus there and back within the span of an hour.[5] It was about an hour away from Taylor Hebert's house if you took the fastest bus route.[2]

Downtown was one of the hardest-hit areas, with Crater Lake and the Scar totally destroyed. Reconstruction was slower than in the north, partly because of the lack of roads, making it an undesirable part of the city.[6]

Downtown was divided between several gangs and passed through a number of different "owners" at different times. At the time of the Echidna incident, the Eastern end of Downtown was a shanty town controlled by Regent.[7]

With the creation of the portal at the end of the Echidna incident, a quarantine was put into effect, making that area of Downtown inaccessible to civilians.[8][6] As people began to pick up on the nature of the portal and its value, the land around it became increasingly valuable. This land was all owned by the Undersiders via various names.[9][10]


Grue's apartment was in one of the modern buildings in the south-east area of downtown.[2] Both of New Wave's houses were also in this area.[11]

Empire Eighty-Eight based their operations downtown,[2] possibly out of the Medhall Corporation building there. Purity lived downtown,[12] as did Kaiser.[13]

Coil's underground base was located just east of downtown,[14] near Crater Lake.[15]

Parian would sometimes do promotion for a store downtown.[16] She later began protecting an area of downtown between the spot where the college was and Crater Lake,[17] at the north end of the lake.[18]

The Merchants and the Chosen were operating downtown during the Slaughterhouse Nine incident.[11]

Points of Interest



Empire Eighty-Eight and Coil were in a constant struggle over downtown for months prior to the start of Worm, with neither making much headway.[24] Coil controlled more than half of downtown.[25]

Story Start

Interlude 2 takes place in an alley downtown.

The Battle at the Bank takes place at Brockton Bay Central Bank, downtown. The Wards and Glory Girl caused some property damage, and Grue's darkness stopped all traffic downtown for half an hour.[26]

The Battle at the Gallery takes place at the Forsberg Gallery, one of the most recognizable buildings downtown.[27]

Following the defeat of the ABB, there were celebrations downtown on Lord Street.[28]

The final parts of the Battle against Leviathan took place downtown.[20]


There was some looting downtown following the Battle against Leviathan. Shadow Stalker patrolled there.[23]

The Travelers divided much of Downtown up between them as part of Coil's Organization. Ballistic took the north, Sundancer the shopping district, Genesis the coast, and Trickster the towers in the center.[4] Tattletale didn't openly claim territory, but she also watched over the downtown areas.[29]

The heroes and villains met on the island in the center of Crater Lake to discuss how to oppose the Slaughterhouse Nine.[4]

The upper downtown had no power at the time of Shatterbird's attack.[30]

Panacea encountered Mannequin downtown.[31] The Slaughterhouse Nine were in central downtown when they were attacked by some of the Undersiders and Travelers.[32]

The PRT declared all of downtown off-limits to their agents[33] in preparation to drop Bakuda's bombs on the Nine, creating the Scar in central downtown.[34]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine

As of the mayoral election, Downtown was considered so damaged that one candidate proposed "demolition and reconstruction on a large scale" there.[35]

Following Coil's Betrayal, Tattletale established her new base downtown.[36]


The portal to Earth Gimel created during the Echidna incident was downtown, in the middle of a formerly empty lot.[7]

As of July 6th 2011, just after the Echidna incident, Imp controlled the shopping district and some of downtow, while Regent controlled the Eastern end of downtown.[7]


Gold Morning


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