Dovetail is an itinerant member of The Protectorate.


Dovetail wears a costume with a high collar and a built-in containment foam sprayer.[1][2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dovetail has the ability to fly fast, carry people, and leave trails of luminous slivers of light that fall to the ground in her wake. Upon touching something solid they balloon out to make soft forcefields that will then encase those that they come into contact with.[3] These forcefields can be broken out of without too much trouble, even with multiple fields layered over one another, but they impede movement.[4]

She traditionally used this ability to hover over a target and keep reinforcing her forcefields until the PRT arrived to smother them in more containment foam.[5]


Dovetail used containment foam in her costume, able to deploy it against opponents in addition to her power.[1]



Dovetail was one of the more independent capes in the area around Brockton Bay.[6]

Boston GamesEdit

Dispatched into the city to reinforce local heroes,[7] was sent after the Woad Giant when it appeared.

Post-Battle against EchidnaEdit

Dovetail chased after Skitter and Atlas and, despite the swarm over her head, shoulders, and arms, maneuvered in a way to prevent her silvers of light from touching those below. She tried to use her foam dispensers on Hellhound's dogs, but Skitter filled her nose, ears, and mouth with insects and started to slowly bind her with silk, limiting her range of movement. Dovetail's movements grew increasingly frantic until she fell behind in the aerial duel.[4]

Following Skitter's surrender to the PRT ENE, Director Tagg gathered everyone in a conference room to talk about what they would do with her. Miss Militia suggested bringing in Dragon and Defiant to ship her to another PRT office where they could hold her until trial. Director Tagg said that it was sensible, but that the PRT would expose themselves to attack while they were transporting her.[8]

Dovetail said that they couldn't act until they knew what Skitter was doing before wondering what Skitter's plan was. Director Tagg called on Miss Militia and then Dr. Yamada and then listened to their thoughts. Assault suggested that Skitter could be trying to bring the PRT ENE down from within before Dovetail told him that she would be digging her own grave if she did.[9]

Dovetail and Sere entered the PRT ENE and then made their way to Director Tagg and Miss Militia. She told Director Tagg that people were moving, arming civilians, in five man squads across the city. Miss Militia told her to tell the others and that Adamant would leave with Triumph after he got a cycle retooled to handle more weight and then told her to log it in the system. Dovetail told her that she would.[10]

She and Sere watched as Weaver joined the Protectorate.


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