Doormaker is a member of Cauldron.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Doormaker is described as a plain-looking young man;[4] pale, somewhere in his thirties.[3] He is almost always accompanied by the Clairvoyant, whose power he makes constant use of.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Doormaker is capable of opening and sealing portals between places, including between dimensions. He normally uses this power to transport members of Cauldron wherever they need to go and is effectively the gatekeeper to their facilities. His power allowed Cauldron to pick up test subjects for Case 53s from everywhere but Earth Bet and (when desired) leave them on Earth Bet.

Large amounts of energy disrupted his portals, including Ash Beast's power.[4] His portals collapsed when the edge made contact with lava.[5]

He is considered to be a Noctis type cape, capable of functioning without sleep without any significant detriment.[6]



Doormaker was one of Cauldron's first successful vial imbibers.[1][2]

Gold MorningEdit

Khepri used Doormaker to make her apotheosis possible and to bring the fight to Scion.

Once his power stopped working, the well of energy that his shard drew on having run dry, Khepri released him. Teacher gave him a power that allowed him to communicate, so he could explain what he had seen while tied into the Clairvoyant alongside Khepri. Glaistig Uaine killed Doormaker and began using his power for herself.[7]


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