The Docks was a region of Brockton Bay located west of the Boardwalk[1] in the north end of the city[2][3] and the east.[4] The south end of the area bordered Downtown.[5]


Despite the name, much of the Docks were located away from the water,[1][6] although there were some actual docks there[7] as well as run-down beaches tourists didn't frequent.[8]

Just moving from one block to the next into the Docks, you could see the quality of buildings decline steeply. [1] The middle ground between Downtown and the Docks were a mix of quaint housing and stone buildings.[9]

Grass and weeds grew between slats in the sidewalk, the road had potholes you could hide a cat in, and the buildings were all faded, consisting of peeling paint, cracked mortar and rusty metal. The desaturated colors of the buildings were contrasted by splashes of vividly colored graffiti.[7] Many buildings were large and boxy.[10][11] The similarly-coloured buildings tended to blend together, and the piles of trash shifted locations, which made it difficult to find your way.[12] Many buildings in the Docks didn't have power.[1][7]

There were cramped tenements located in the Docks, with ten or twelve families sharing a single bathroom and shower.[13] There were enough warehouses and apartments in the area for even the most destitute to find shelter. The only people on the streets at night were unconscious drunks, whores, and gang members.[1] During the day, there were homeless people visible, but also many people who looked surprisingly normal.[7]

The Protectorate ENE Headquarters was visible from almost every part of the Docks.[1]

Storm drains ran beneath the Docks.[8]

The southwest end of the Docks had many residential areas, schools, small businesses and restaurants.[14]

Because of the homelessness and vagrants, it was considered advisable to avoid the area.[1][15] The people who lived there were used to paying protection money to the ABB, and it was known as "the go to place if you want to buy black market".[16]

Ironically, the buildings of the Docks survived the Battle against Leviathan unusually well,[11][17] although the utilities infrastructure was hit very hard.[18]

Notable LocationsEdit

The Trainyard was located in the Docks, opposite the Boardwalk. It contained a number of abandoned boxcars, as well as a train station that was still occasionally visited by trains. There was a storage facility a few blocks away where Bakuda fought the Undersiders.[19] [20]

Taylor and Danny Hebert lived on the periphery of the Docks.[7]

The Undersiders had their base in the Docks, in an abandoned-looking Redmond Welding factory building.[7] Bitch maintained an improvised dog shelter there that was destroyed by Purity.[21] When they began seizing territories, Grue claimed the southwest end of the Docks bordering Crater Lake[14][22] Regent claimed the middle ground between the Docks and Downtown,[9] and Skitter claimed the areas of the Docks surrounding her core territory of the Boardwalk.[23][24]

Coil bought up numerous locations in the Docks as part of his master plan to control the city.[25]

Chariot lived in a brick tenement building in the Docks.[26]


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