Disjoint is a villain trying to get a leg up.


Sarcastic and witty, though this does get him in trouble.[1] He hung out with Beast of Burden's more violent clique in Hollow Point.[2]

He acknowledges that he is considerably low tier.



They are in a committed and loving relationship,[3] somehow.[4]

DJ seems to stick with the dangerous crowd mostly for the sake of her.

Beast of BurdenEdit

Worked with BoB, but was not upset at his death.[1][5]


Disjoint is black, and changes his mask sometimes. When his group attacked the Fallen, he had a black stick-on mask and painted his skin red,[6]; with Love Lost, he had white facepaint, a mask over the bottom half of his face, and white markings on his costume. (Maybe to indicate where his limbs can displace?)[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Can displace[1] and teleport parts of his anatomy around a given area. He has to see them to retrieve them back.[8] His body-parts retain full functionality and sensation, which is useful for practical[9] and sexual purposes.[10]

He is capable of teleporting his eyes and ears in order to spy on people and gain intel. However, this leaves the rest of his body deaf and blind, and lacking in balance.[11]



Unknown, but presumably a natural trigger.

Gold MorningEdit



Assaulted the Fallen compound along with the other Hollow Point villains.

Post-Fallen fallEdit


Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Was captured by Advance Guard members Spright and Shortcut[13] and halfheartedly interrogated before being released due to lack of evidence and the scarcity of prison cells.[14]

Reading from his power were used by Cradle in the massacre of The Navigators.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Hookline joined Damsel of Distress' Deathchester alongside Sidepiece. However, he skipped the skirmish with The Huntsmen and Breakthrough due to previous injuries.[15]


  • Disjointing is a common step in cooking involving separating the tendons that bind the specific joint of the carcass together.


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