Detente is a visionary villain.


Reasonable and skilled enough to work around Accord's various hangups while still gaining his respect.

Shared his outlook on things, at least ostensibly.



Mutual respect.


Has a pot belly and a mask like Accord.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Thinker of unknown ability and utility.



Detente along with partner Accord led the Clockwork Dogs. Had connections to larger groups.[2]

Boston GamesEdit

Story StartEdit

In the four years since he probably disappeared.


  • Detente is a french word meaning loosening or relaxation. In international relations this can mean a truce, or at least a reduction in hostilities, that could lead to peace. Fitting into the Clockwork Dogs theme.[3]


  1. The Clockwork Dogs were a partnership. Masterminds, apparently. The pair were a man of average height, skinny but for a protruding belly, and a short man, both with fine masks that looked tinker-made, glinting as they moved and adjusted in the firelight. Men and women that looked anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five stood behind them. Four people in clothes that looked more suited for a cocktail party with the rich and famous. - Excerpt from Eclipse x.2
  2. “Listen,” he said. He was serious. “Damsel of Distress. Accord has and is leveraging some very, very powerful help.”

    “What help?”

    “How do I put this? Some of this is classified, and there’s information I can’t give you. Accord’s power made him very valuable to people who are playing on a level on par with the PRT, understand? I can’t tell you who they are, but Detente is one of them. He’s a powerful individual from halfway across the planet, and as far as we can tell, someone sent this guy to Accord to help establish him in Boston. Detente is liable to disappear or fake his own death. He’s been going back and forth between his roles.” - Excerpt from Eclipse x.7
  3. Ashley said. “Clockwork Dogs? Why not the Cogs of War?”

    “They have names that mean peace and cooperation,” Bar said.. - Excerpt from Eclipse x.3
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