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Deathchester is a group of villains lead by Damsel of Distress III. The name is an homage to the original Damsel of Distress.

Modus operandi[]

Robbers, thugs, and opportunists.

By accident or design members usually have a checkerboard color scheme with hints of blood.[1][2]


It was formed of three villain groups: the remains of Love Lost's gang, south-west side poachers, and Torso’s troupe.



Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Frustrated with her sister and Breakthrough, Ashley moved out of her shared apartment.[3]

At some point after this, she formed Deathchester, and hired Epeios as a countermeasure against Lookout.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Deathchester proved themselves a nuisance when they started raiding the caravans of evacuating citizens. This drew the attention of the Wardens, who sent the Huntsmen and Breakthrough after them. In the circumstances they were able to fight off heroes.[4]

Breakthrough followed Deathchester to their hideout and offered them a deal, that would help them to establish themselves as a villain group and keep them out of heroes' way.[5]

The Ice Breaks[]

The team joined the assembly of capes with the Wardens who were being briefed about the Titan threats.

Deathchester was assigned in the same group as Breakthrough, The Undersiders, and The Major Malfunctions, and stationed in the ruins of Mathers compound between Titan Eve and Titan Oberon.[6] Later, they had to fight both of the titans.[7]

Later they joined the attempt to stall Oberon's and Fortuna's Titans converging on the Shardspace entry-point,[8] and The Wardens' assault on The Simurgh.[9]

Four members willingly accept the Victoria's plague, the rest abandon Damsel, who was too conflicted to leave herself.[10]


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