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Date posted 14 November 2017
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Daybreak 1.2 is the second chapter of Daybreak. The squad from the patrol group travel to an event to help keep the peace. Things are getting complicated.


Preparing for her upcoming mission, Victoria packs her bag and changes into armor. Gilpatrick calls her from outside the changing room, and she asks that Jasper be placed in her squad, expressing concerns about the anger towards capes in the new recruits she was given. Gilpatrick agrees to give her Jasper, but insists she keep the new recruits; Victoria tells him that he owes her for it.

Leaving the locker room, Victoria joins up with Jasper and the new recruits as they walk to the bus. Jasper drives; after some discussion of the naming of regions of The City, and some banter about Jasper's questionable tattoo idea, one of the new recruits says that Victoria's name sounds familiar, though Jasper warns him not to push it. The bus eventually nears its destination, the Norwalk Community Center.

After Victoria gives the squad instructions and Jasper parks the bus, the squad leaves, while Victoria gives Jasper orders to keep an eye on the new recruits, feeling paranoid. Victoria enters the community center, noting the protesters outside and the lack of police, and locates the district representative; they discuss the situation, and then Victoria goes to meet the heroes. The heroes agree to cancel the event, but with growing commotion outside and Crystalclear, the heroes' thinker, reporting a bad feeling about the future, Victoria agrees to stay.


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  • District representative
  • Civilians


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