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Date posted 11 November 2017
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Daybreak 1.1 is the first chapter of Daybreak and the first chapter of Ward. Here we see an expert on parahumans get into an incident on her way to work and then get saddled with babysitting the new recruits.


A young woman goes to work in The City, reflecting on the poor decision made in coloring the city gold. She gets a text from her "Parental Unit 1" asking her to come to a barbecue later that day and responds with a maybe. She hears a crash, and soon sees that a teenager has hit a remembrance monument for victims of Gold Morning, much to the dismay of an elderly man, whose son is remembered on the pillar.

A crowd gathers, angry on the man's behalf; though the man steps towards the teen, the young woman intervenes and blocks his path. As the man backs down and the crowd begins to disperse, the young woman offers to talk with him as they wait for the police to arrive, when a hero from the team Advance Guard appears. She tells him that the situation is handled, and members of the crowd appear uncomfortable with the presence of a cape, prompting the woman to think of Vikare. The hero leaves; the woman reiterates her offer to talk, but the man turns it down and tells her she can leave.

After giving her statement to the police, the young woman hurries to her job at the high school, working as a squad captain at a volunteer patrol block passing by a speech from community leaders to students and spotting her boss, Gilpatrick on stage. She joins up with the other workers, including Jasper, before heading to her office. She looks over her collected materials about capes and cape groups from before and after Gold Morning and sends an email to the cape responsible for the pillars about the crash.

Gilpatrick knocks and enters; he mentions a cape known as Fume Hood, who was a villain prior to Gold Morning but is making her debut as a hero later that day, and asks her to lead a squad to manage the situation, given rumors of trouble. She reluctantly agrees, thinking of the hostility towards capes she saw earlier that day. As Jasper finishes up his speech, she goes on stage to brief the students about the situation with Fume Hood, and introduces herself as Victoria Dallon.

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  • Car crash in the city.


  • Victoria was last seen being healed by Amy.



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