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Shawn, publicly known as Dauntless, and later as The Kronos Titan was a member of the Brockton Bay Protectorate, with the ability to slowly grant powers to items in his possession.


Dauntless does not want a lot of things from life.

Dauntless was widely considered a rising star, a popular hometown hero in Brockton Bay. His power and its implications were widely known.[3]

He is mindful of collateral damage even after his transformation.[4]



Kelly was Shawn's significant other and while they never married, they did have Addison together and cared for each other deeply. He was understanding even though she left him and Addison soon after giving birth.[5]


Shawn met and married Jennifer after Kelly left him and Addison. Jennifer was ambitious and looked after the couples financial future, something Shawn didn't worry about.[5]

While ruminating on Assault and Battery's relationship, he realized how mismatched he and Jennifer really were.[5] Sometime after this, Dauntless was seen inquiring about a divorce.[6]

The couple did not have any children.[7]


Addison is Shawns son, who he cares about deeply.[5]


Because of his meteoric rise to fame, he was resented by Armsmaster; his power allowing him to easily advance in the Protectorate where Armsmaster struggled to get where he was through diligent effort.[8][3][9] It was widely acknowledged that Dauntless might eventually replace Armsmaster as head of the team.[8] Nevertheless, he was willing to wear earbuds so only Armsmaster could communicate with him, preventing Tattletale from speaking to him.[3]

Abilities, Appearance & Equipment[]

Dauntless can empower items by infusing them with a little bit of power each day, permanently enhancing them. He wields a spear, shield, and boots; all enhanced with this ability (see below). It is widely suspected that he would eventually equal or even surpass the Triumvirate,[3] but no one was certain if his power would eventually level off.[10]

Dauntless is constantly "charged" with energy, which builds up over time; every 20-30 hours it reaches a peak, allowing him to dump the excess charge into an object. This does not take as long to build up if his power is used often, and if he is engaged in field work.[2] His power is more effective if he charges the same object regularly; he compromises by focusing on three or four and cycling between them. When he dumps the charge into an object, it is briefly supercharged for a few minutes before levelling off at a point better than before.[11]

He selects what the imbuement does subconsciously; it is always tied to the object itself, and he is never surprised to learn what it does, but there is a bias towards direct combat applications. Objects gain general durability and physics-immunity at first, and then begin to gain other abilities after the 20th charge.[11] It took around a month for him to develop a new power to the point where it would impact a confrontation.[12]

His items cannot be used by someone without this "charge", preventing them from being stolen or used against him.[11][12]

Had he survived until Gold Morning, he would have been almost as powerful as Legend. Not as mobile or versatile at range, but fast and an artillery powerhouse, and almost as durable as Alexandria.[11] It is implied that he could eventually grow powerful enough to annihilate a large area, similar to a nuclear bomb.[13]


A spear that looks as if it is made of white lightning. The weapon could extend as far as he needed, elongating faster than the eye could follow. It was something between a solid and an energy, combining traits of both; people struck by it experienced a taser-like electrical charge in addition to the physical force.[3]

During the Battle at the Gallery, it was too weak to noticeably affect Bitch's dogs. Taylor likened it to using a taser on an elephant. However, it was strong enough to accidentally shatter glass.[3]

It was durable enough to parry a block from Circus' sledgehammer.[3]

Kid Win based his spark pistol, which shot "hard electricity", on data Armsmaster collected on the "hard light" used by Dauntless and Purity.[14]


His shield, fixed to his left forearm, was a metal disc about the size of a dinner plate, surrounded by rings of the same energy that made up the spear.[3]

It could widen into a bubble-shaped forcefield of white energy ten feet wide around him. The field was seemingly able to "eat away" at Grue's darkness in some fashion. It made a loud sizzling, crackling sound. The field created a painful arc of electricity when it brushed against Regent's hand.[3]

He was able to raise it fast enough to deflect Circus' thrown knives. It "popped" when Ballistic used his power to smash cars into it so fast they were impossible to see, but not before stopping the car and holding it aloft long enough for it to roll off the top.[3]


His empowered boots made his feet look as if they were encased in white crackling energy when worn.[15] They allowed him to fly.[16] According to Tattletale, they made him fast enough to follow Purity while flying, faster than any of the other Brockton Bay Wards or Protectorate except Velocity.[15]


Dauntless wore gold and white armour. It was rumored that he had enhanced his armor with his power, but this wasn't visibly evident.[17] In reality, only "some" of his armour had recieved "a few" charges of his power, but it wasn't a major focus.[18] Immediately prior to fighting Leviathan, he charged the breastplate, which granted him a small amount of extra durability.[19]

He was briefly stunned when Grue landed full force on his helmet. When Circus hit him in the chest with their sledgehammer, he was seemingly knocked unconscious.[3]

Wildbow has stated that he could eventually have become almost as durable as Alexandria, possibly reflecting the ultimate potential of the armor.[11]


Dauntless wore a gold Greek-style helmet, with slits for the eyes, a band of metal covering his nose, a slit running down over his mouth, and a metal "mohawk" on top.[17]

Although it wasn't among the items known to public, even in rumour, to have been empowered,[17] Dauntless had in fact extensively empowered his helmet as well.[18] His empowered helmet granted him both sensory and protective abilities.[20] Among the sensory abilities was letting him "think faster in a pinch". [19]These enhancements eventually allowed him to sense everything that was going on in nearby buildings, likely extending beyond that after the Gold Morning.

After being thrown into the time bubble by Leviathan, Dauntless gained about 90 days worth of power in the span of a few seconds as time rapidly passed outside the bubble. In a panic, he pushed all of this power into his helmet. Doing so caused his thoughts to dramatically slow down. As such, despite the fact that his body was trapped in stopped time, his mind was moving at the same rate as the outside world.[21]

Over the next few days, Dauntless pushed more and more power into his helmet. This expanded his awareness beyond the bubble, allowing him to see and hear everything going on in the area around him.[22]

After four years, the bubble was popped by March, and Dauntless immediately had a broken second trigger. This resulted in every single item of clothing that he had pushed power into, gaining this power all at once.[23] Dauntless grew to the size of a skyscraper, tall enough for his head to be in the clouds.[24] His entire body crystallised.

This giant version of Dauntless appears to exist in every known universe.[25] He is able to see everything in every dimension with the power of his helm.

Dauntless' attacks with his lance are now capable of moving miles away.[26]



Shawn lived with his pregnant girlfriend, Kelly, in a mobile home. She dealt with mental health issues, specifically schizophrenia, but regardless they still had a happy relationship together. One day, their home was caught in a mudslide and they were both trapped. Shawn triggered when he had to perform a C-section on his girlfriend, to save the life of his son, Addison.[5]

At some point years later, Shawn joined the Brockton Bay Protectorate as Dauntless. A villain named Blackball was one of his first enemies.

Dauntless was present when Shadow Stalker's case was looked over by a special committee. After the committee granted Shadow Stalker a probationary status amongst the Wards, he approached Alan Barnes and asked for legal aid.[6][7]

Story Start[]

After the Battle at the Gallery, Dauntless appeared the opposite side of an alley that the Undersiders were hiding in, cutting off their escape route. He used his shield's forcefield to block Grue's darkness before advancing. Tattletale tried to tell Dauntless how Armsmaster hated him before Dauntless tapped the side of his helmet, revealing that he was wearing earbuds and could only hear Armsmaster. He advanced again and his shield touched Regent's hand, shocking him before Regent made him stumble and fall to the ground.[3]

He raised his spear to impede the Undersiders, shooting lightning at them, before Grue brought his feet down on Dauntless' head. He recovered after the Undersiders escaped the alley and then shot Brutus and Angelica. Finding that ineffective, he tried aiming his Arclance at the Undersiders themselves only for Regent to disrupt his aim. Entering the garage, he stopped behind Armsmaster.[3]

Dauntless moved to retreat after the arrival of the Travelers and Circus but was blocked by Sundancer. He enclosed himself in his forcefield bubble to deflect Circus' knives before wrapping a second forcefield around a car that Ballistic used his power on. The forcefield gave away and the car dropped a scant foot away from Dauntless. He parried Circus' sledgehammer with his Arclance and then tumbled away from her when she breathed flame, bringing up his shield to block the flames.

Ballistic launched a car at Dauntless whose shield failed as Dauntless reeled. Dauntless tried to parry Circus with his Arclance, but Circus sidestepped around him before driving their sledgehammer against his chest.[3]


Dauntless was grabbed by Leviathan alongside Alabaster and Jotun, and the Endbringer flicked them into the center of a time distortion bubble. He was not able to escape before he was frozen in time.[27] He later had his name placed on a memorial to honor those that had fallen.[28]


The bubble was turned into an impromptu memorial.[29] With no sign of being freed.[30] Inside of it Dauntless was able to use his ability to regain a measure of normal perception.[21]


The Protectorate successor organization, The Wardens, have been committing resources to freeing people like him from imprisonment.[31]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Dauntless gets released from the time bubble by March. His powers immediately go awry, empower him excessively and cannibalize Alabaster. His power well get exhausted entirely, effectively merging Dauntless with his shard. In addition to that, their avatar exists in all dimensions simultaneously, which makes it impossible to do anything, even communicate, without harming someone catastrophically. The event invites the attention of Simurgh.[5]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Kronos attacked Chevalier's clone-titan, which was deployed from Earth Shin against the Machine Army on Earth Bet, sparking the second Shin crisis.[32]

After delivering several lance-strikes to the Gibborim Knight, he was persuaded to stand down by the real Chevalier, prompting The Simurgh to leave Dauntless for some time.[33] After that Dauntless let the minions of secondary super-weapon to pass without combat.[34]

Following Contessa's failure, he contacted and attempted to guide other Titans.[35] The Simurgh abandoned him again, and relocated to Titan Fortuna.

The Ice Breaks[]

Dauntless was preventing other titans from reaching the Fortuna. The Wardens decided to assist him.[36]

Later, his network was joined by Oberon, and together they were seen struggling against the assault of Fortuna's titans.[37]

As The Simurgh made her final moves, Dauntless refocused his attacks on the Endbringer.

He saved Defiant from certain death by The Simurgh, and joined Fortuna's network on Defiant's and The Warden's demand, which allowed him to successfully redirect the Endbringer into Sleeper's power-storm, defeating it.[38]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
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x. Interlude 29 Appears


  • A version of Dauntless appeared in Eden's vision of the future; a hero named Clarent, who wielded a longsword and grew stronger over time. He was identified as Dauntless in the tags.[39]
  • Had Dauntless survived, he would have been given his own team in a smaller city with a new department, likely St. Louis, Lexington, Pittsburgh, Stockton, or Anchorage.[40]

Fanart Gallery[]


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