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Darlene Vasil, cape name Syndicate, is a sensitive young member of The Heartbroken.


As one of Heartbreakers daughters and as such a member of a power influenced hedonistic cult,[3] Darlene did not have a normal childhood and was ill-adjusted to larger society thanks to, among many other things, a dearth of role models.[4]

Darlene has a quieter personality, unlike many of her siblings.[5] She still participates in her siblings' banter, at times even getting aggressive in response to their teasing.[6] She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends.[7]

She has a habit of biting her thumbnail and number of other nervous ticks.[8][9] She has a strong aversion to being physically restrained.[10] She also suffers frequently from insomnia and nightmares.[11]


Cherie Vasil[]

As Darlene matured she didn't consider her older sister as someone to look up to.[4]

Candy Vasil[]

Can-can is her closest 'cousin'.[12]

Chicken Little[]

Darlene has a crush on Chicken Little, that he was totally oblivious of until Lookout draws his attention to it.[13] They seem to have a started comfortable relationship so far.[14]

Kenzie Martin[]

Darlene was initially wary of Kenzie, as she thought that she might be getting in the way of her and Aiden. However, they soon became very close friends.[15]


It was Juliette who took credit for the kill of Operator Red.[16]


Despite her age, Darlene wears lipstick, and later adds red eye shadows as part of her formal costume.[17] She had longer, unruly black hair typical to Heartbroken, later she cut it to chin-length.[18]

Darlene's initial 'costume' consists only of a mask provided by Imp, designed to match Regent's. Her mask has a silver tiara pattern across the nose, forehead, and cheeks, with silver lips and black eyes.[19]

However, her "casual" choice of clothing is very fancy, complex and feminine, if somewhat old-fashioned. She does not consider those to be a costume.[18][20]

As Syndicate her costume is shiny black, with built in knee-length dress and silver tracery, and her tights have inverted scheme: silver with black tracery.[21]

Abilities and Powers[]

Darlene can form connections with anybody within her range,[22] these connections need to be anchored on pieces of anatomy her power can immediately recognize.[23][24] While connected to people, she can feel everything they feel and they can feel everything she does, this allows unfettered communication, coordination,[25] and synchronization.[26] When connected to multiple people, everybody can sense each other, in what is labeled a network.[27] In addition, these people can sense the locations of one another within the network.[22]

It is unknown how far the range of the network extends once somebody is connected, but it has been seen to work over large distances.[28]

This can be used in combat, by forcing her opponent to feel any of the pain they are inflicting on her, or that she is inflicting upon herself. It also greatly enhances her coordination in hand-to-hand fight, but only when tools are not involved.[29]


After starting her formal cape-career she begins carrying a knife.[30]



She was raised by Heartbreaker. Her mother was severely malnourished during the pregnancy.[31] When she was five, her older sister Cherie left, leaving her without any immediate family except her father.[32] She begged her father to go to school, and was eventually placed in a homeschooling network, where she was introduced to how insincere people could be.[33]

She triggered as a consequence of her father going on a power-trip on her schooling acquaintances, sometimes after her brother's escape.[34]


Darlene was adopted by Imp along with the rest of her family when her father was killed.[35]

Gold Morning[]

Survived Gold Morning.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Darlene accompanied Aiden to visit Lookout in the hospital, where she became jealous of the pair's rapport.[36] However this was also the start of her relationship with Aiden.

When Breakthrough made plans with the Undersiders to take down Love Lost, Cradle, and March, Darlene was placed on 'Yellow' team with Tattletale, Chicken Little, Capricorn, Tress, Juliette, and Amias. She single-handedly took out Operator Red during their encounter with cradles forces.[37] She was later mutilated by Cradle along with the rest of her team.[38] She and Lookout collaborated to help out Chicken Little.[39]

She and Candy helped Lookout jeep and eye on the later hunt for cradle. She was overjoyed when the situation was resolved.[40]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Darlene started a team with Chicken Little, Candy, and Kenzie Martin.

Darlene and Candy remotely assisted Lookout during her visit to Earth Shin.

Welcomed Lookout back from Earth Shin, and was invited to the Wardens HQ.[41] Helped out Lookout with some tinkering.[42]

The Ice Breaks[]

Syndicate was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight duty of Titan Oberon and Eve, but was delivered back to Wardens base once things got hairy. She still provided her coordination for The Undersiders and Breakthrough.[43]

Darlene stayed together with The Chicken Tenders and Lookout at the Wardens' Compound during the following battles with titans, and helped kids to fend off her older siblings.[44]

Darlene infected herself with the Victoria's plague following Aiden and with some help from Juliette.[45]


  • Darlene's name comes from the word 'darling,' with the suffix '-lene'. Her sister, Cherie, has a name derived from the French word 'chérie,' which translates in English to 'darling' as well.


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    During that time a year ago, in her ‘fucked in the head’ phase, raw instinct had been to quietly hold her breath and only breathe in if he was close, anytime she was in his company. Smelling him had mingled with the rush of having oxygen again and the dizzying feelings that swam through her. He hadn’t noticed, because as much as her education in things had been a flood of too much, his had been too little. Tattletale didn’t like anyone, Imp was discreet, Bitch was too far away, and his parents had died when he was little, so he could barely remember them or their relationship. He didn’t even like any of the shows that would teach him the little things.

    Maybe that fucked up phase had been a good thing, as tragically lame as it had been, and as much as her cousins had teased her once they realized she was doing it, with Aroa and Juliette getting in her way and Candy playing on the other team, trying to get Aiden closer. If she hadn’t needed to push herself to get closer so she could breathe and not pass out or die, she might never have started talking to him.

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    “No,” Darlene said.

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    Darlene connected, missing outright on her first attempt, then aiming for the face and finding the connection there.

    The others had been gradual, a handful of sensations at a time, as each body part made contact with something. Tress felt like a hundred sensations at once. Limbs as thin as pencils and as strong as small caliber gunshots were fumbling, reaching, thumping against her shell, and groping blindly for rings and switches, hauling back on cords, gripping those cords, tracing the seams of the hollow metal shell, and straining against bondage where metal bands cinched them together into groups, leaving them to rustle faintly against each other. The longest groupings were extended out to and through the metal arms, where they strained and worked, providing a lot of the mechanical movement for the added limbs.

    She felt Tress’s lips part, the words barely audible over the screech of the alarm. “Oh wow.”

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    Another Capricorn was overlapping that, frozen like a robot with the power switch thrown off, suspended and moving along with the Capricorn she saw. Frozen as it was, she could feel the heat of the brain against the skull.
    She reached for him, grabbing the lower half, and dragged it closer by inches.

    Unnecessary. It just took time.

    Capricorn with the blue armor, now. Intact. With her power, she felt the two separated parts, floating superimposed around him. - Excerpt from Interlude 11.c II
  25. Not sight, not really- but the sensation of touch that bubbled gave him a good idea of where those people were looking, and why this was happening. He peered past crowd to see the security officer at the end of the hallway.

    There were two more members of the group, straggling. There was no need to say ‘wait!’ or ‘we have to take care of this security officer!’, which was good because it was noisy inside.
    She bent down to whisper in the ear of the last member of their squad, and he could feel the air go out and feel the air against ear as the sound was received. Try as he might, he couldn’t make out the words.
    He felt the emotions running through Darlene’s body, and looked back, “Are you okay?”
    He was heated enough that Darlene and Candy roused a bit, paying attention. He waved a hand in their general direction, and the half-asleep Darlene cut the connection. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.z II
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    He sensed it too. Part of the network.

    “And Sveta’s… wow.”

    “Don’t get lost in the network,” Aiden said, quiet. “As neat as this always is, it’s supposed to help, not distract.” - Excerpt from Interlude 11.c II
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  29. She’d aimed for fingers, hoped to chop them off, but the knife wasn’t an extension of her or her power. Had she used her fingernails, she knew she could have gotten them exactly where she wanted them, respective to her opponent. - Excerpt from Interlude 11.c II
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  33. Her sister and some older ‘cousins’ had gone to school. Cherie had. It had seemed like a fairy tale. The girls on television and in movies had gone to school and dreamed of being princesses and singers, even Sidney Saile had. Darlene had just dreamed of going to school. So she’d begged. She’d fought and even went on a hunger strike, until her dad made her eat until she was sick.

    The compromise had been a homeschooling network and the homeschooling network had been Darlene’s introduction to the backhanded statements, the fake smiles, the two-facedness. Mostly it was the dads and moms, but some of the other boys and girls had learned it too. - Excerpt from Interlude 11.c II
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