Dark Society is a notorious villain group, prominent enough to be featured on the news via radio and television in Stafford.[1]

Structure Edit

The group features an aesthetic of white bandages which hide their heads and faces, hands or arms. The bandages are marred with what looks like ink applied with thumbs and fingers, a smear for each eye. The rest of their bodies are covered in fine clothing in maroons, forest greens, royal purples and midnight blues.[2][3]



The Dark Society was a villain with territory down the East Coast.[3] They eventually moved into Boston and participated in the Boston Games, having been invited into town by the Clockwork Dogs.[4]



  1. Ashley tensed. That last one was a name that had come up in the noise of the television and the radio that had always been playing in her place in Stafford. She’d heard of the others since coming to Boston, but she hadn’t imagined she would have to deal with them. - Excerpt from Eclipse x.7
  2. And then there was Dark Society. White bandages hid their heads and faces, their hands or arms. The rest of them was covered in fine clothing in maroons, forest greens, royal purples and midnight blues. The bandages were marred- not with blood or anything from being hurt, but with what looked like ink applied with thumbs and fingers. A smear for each eye, making each one blurry, inconsistent and vague in the light of the fire. - Excerpt from Eclipse x.7
  3. 3.0 3.1 “I’m surprised you came in costumes,” John told us. “I imagined suits and masks.”

    Not an angle of attack or criticism I’d anticipated. It made sense, in a way. Delegitimize, disarm, call reasonable and natural things into question.

    “That would have bad implications,” I said. “The aesthetic you’re talking about is a popular villain thing. Ambassadors in Boston, Dark Society down the East coast, there was a group of weapons dealers called the Brokers… And of course the Elite who were the biggest American villain gang. The exception on the hero side would be the Suits, and even they had costumes for serious events where they needed the extra pockets, armor, and everything else.” - Excerpt from Beacon 8.11
  4. “We’ve traded territory. Much as the Four moved to Hyde Park, we will take Charlestown. Our numbers have swelled, and in the interest of building connections and ensuring that we can take Charlestown without any incident, we’ll be loaning out our capes to other factions.”

    “What the fuck is that about?” Burning Sensation asked. “Who?”

    “The Mystic’s Mass, Morning Glory, the Unmasked, who do wear masks, and perhaps most notably, Dark Society,” Detente said. - Excerpt from Eclipse x.7
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