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Ashley Stillons,[1] known publicly as Damsel of Distress III, is the counterpoint of Swansong, her clone-sister.


Still was not willing to mend her ways and place trust in people. She was much closer to the Damsel persona of old, haughty, regal,[5] and standoffish, convinced of her superiority.[6]

Still wears black.[7]



Got along with her sister fine, though she questioned her life choices. Helped her with the prison investigation.

People who know swansong can easily distinguish the two,[8] even without the physical differences.

Kenzie Martin[]

Seemed jealous of her sisters connection with Kenzie.[9] Luckily the girl took to Damsel similarly as she had taken to Swansong.[10]


Similar enough to her predecessor, a slim build with stark white hair from her power usage. Usually dresses in dark clothing. She maintains the original upgrades made by Bonesaw.

Abilities and Powers[]

Main article: Damsel of Distress

Presumably her powers are largely unchanged,[4] though her tinker modified arms give complete control of her blasts.[11]

This lets her create things like suspended spheres of destructive energy.[12][13]

She is immune to her sister's power, just as she is immune to her own.[14]


Her arms count as weapon by themselves, since they are exceptionally sharp;[11] however, they interfere with her dexterity; even damaging the objects she handles.[15]



Main article: Damsel of Distress

It is unknown how much Ashley retains of her past.[16]


When Defiant killed the original DoD her DNA was already preserved by Bonesaw, this was used to create several clones for The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.[17]


She and her clone sisters were awakened with the rest of The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand and was used in the rampage, killing several people over the course of the event.[18]

She was forced to surrender through Bonesaw's remote.[19]

Gold Morning[]

She was one of the instances of the cloned Damsel that survived the initial deployment. She formed a family unit with her fellow clone afterward. Then a goddess stepped in and Ashley was used along with other surviving parahumans to end Gold Morning.[20]

Post-Gold Morning[]

Regained her voice, but decided to keep monstrous hands and old habits. Soon was arrested again and put into new prison for parahumans.[19]

Post-Fallen fall[]

Met with her sister again, they cleared some questions.[19]

Fell into something of a routine with her sister but wasn't able to meet her sisters' friends and teammates.[21]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Was free after the prison break.[22] Showcasing her villainous nature they opted to stay in their warm apartment while their teammates were braving the cold for a team bonding activity.[23]

She joins her sister on a stroll to Earth N and claims at least two victims. Not feeling respected enough, she eventually decided to break away.[24]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Damsel resurfaced again leading her own group of aggressive misfits with plundering habits. It quickly brought on her the attention of Breakthrough.[25]

Breakthrough accidentally pulled her into the dream room of Rain's Cluster, where she assisted them in defeating Cradle and his guardian. Afterwards, they left the room and entered shard realm, where she proved to be an experienced traveler.[26] She bartered her services as a guide for a guarantee that Breakthrough will not attempt to replace her personality with Swansong's ghost.

She rushed Teacher's setup alongside Antares.[27]

Unlike Breakthrough and Tattletale, Damsel declines an ultimatum from The Wardens.[28]

The Ice Breaks[]

Damsel alongside her team, joined the Wardens' efforts against the Titans.

During the fight against Eve and Oberon, aided by Gibbet and Trophy Wife, she was able to score several hits on both titans. She was recovered from Eve by Antares.[29] After Wardens' reinforcements had arrived Damsel continued the fight among frontline heavy-hitters, while being covered by Sveta and Antares. When asked to retreat for the second time, Damsel lost her cool and almost attacked Antares and Solarstare.[30]

Later she joined the attempt to stall Oberon's and Fortuna's Titans converging on the Shardspace entry-point.[31]

Damsel and her team participated in the Wardens' battles with The Simurgh. Between the battles she received some maintenance for her claws from Rain.[32]

After Deathchester is offered the Victoria's plague, Damsel made a scene and was unable to just leave. After a short conversation with Kenzie's hologram Damsel was temporarily overtaken by Swansong, administered with the plague by Victoria, and restrained by the Wardens.[33]

Ward Epilogue[]

Damsel was evidently released without much follow-up.

During the winter of Y2-3 she reconsidered her opinion of Lookout and had hired her at least once.[34]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Scarab 25.1 Absent
2. Scarab 25.2 Absent
3. Scarab 25.3 Absent
4. Scarab 25.4 Absent
5. Scarab 25.5 Absent
6. Scarab 25.6 Absent
x. Interlude 25 Debut

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