Daiichi's Gang were a small group of teenagers, both parahuman and otherwise, who committed crimes in the hopes of eventually merging with the Yakuza. Lung was a member of this gang before his trigger event. They were eventually wiped out by Contessa after attacking a group of Cauldron customers during a deal.

Members Edit


Abilities and PowersEdit

Daiichi had the ability to create a phantom replica of himself with enhanced strength and speed. The clone would dissipate into green smoke after it took too much damage or if Daiichi's concentration was broken.



Ren is a heavyset young man with dyed blonde hair.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ren had the ability to manipulate air. He could inhale to draw the air out of a room and draw objects to himself, with the strength of his suction growing as he took in increasing amounts of air. He could also blow with enough strength to send a table flying across a room.


Kenta was an unpowered member of the gang. He triggered while almost suffocating on drugs, and became Lung.

Hisoka, Arata, Ryo, Jirou, Takeo, and ShujiEdit

These six were unpowered members of the gang.[1]


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