Crystalclear is an absent-minded Thinker attempting to make a new life for himself, along with uncountable others.[3]


Crystalclear misses things, partially because of his powers, and partially because of how he approaches things. As a result he considers himself unintelligent.[4]

He can mis-read social situations and talk unnecessarily.[5]


Crystalclear has shards of what appear to be glass or crystal jutting from his elbows, hands and face. Their appearance is described as somewhat beautiful. The chunks of crystal made up his entire upper face,[6] replacing his nose, eyes, brow and scalp.[7] The crystals were embedded deep enough that they should have penetrated his brain. He would sometimes pull the crystals out of his head.[8] He can remove the crystals from his head, enough to reveal his blue eyes.[9] As such he does not have the same crystal configuration day to day.[10]

In his first "costume", he wore a deep purple tank-top,[6] in keeping with the superhero-civilian wear aesthetic that his team used. After joining Foresight he wore the more individualized-armored-tunic-uniform that they did.[11]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Crystaclear has a blaster power that can travel through terrain.[1] He would throw chunks of crystal that passed seamlessly through walls and the ground, then exploded out in a small detonation of gas, debris and crystalline fragments. The crystals seemingly homed in on their targets; for example, a crystal thrown into the ground would re-emerge beneath the target.[12]

Crystalclear saw through solid objects as if they were made of glass or transparent crystal,[1] with edges and corners catching the light.[13] Unmoving objects looked white-edged, while moving objects (such as people) looked blurred and diffracted, their white-edged present selves surrounded by red images of their past and blue images of their future.[14] Humans were also surrounded by distortions in the light that represented their focus and emotions, with dramatic changes in focus resembling fractures in the crystal.[15]

He could see other colors beyond the red past and the blue future. Greens were also present.[16] He could shape the crystals he grows, and they do not interfere with brain function.[17]



He was kidnapped as a child and raised by the kidnapper, he was also a deliverer of drugs for the kidnapper who presumably needed someone young enough to deliver packages unnoticed. He was raised not to ask questions. When he was finally caught on a delivery, now old enough to attract notice, he couldn't tell to the arresting authorities anything that could have lessened his culpability. Finding out the full scope of what happened to him faced with hostility from everyone including the now revealed kidnapper caused him to trigger.[18]

Early WardEdit

Joined a superhero team and had a bad first day.

With his future sight he saw trouble and he alerted Tempera, who made the decision to call for assistance.

After the team fell apart, he received an offer from Foresight,[5] which he accepted.[3]

Stood guard over the meeting with Earth Cheit diplomats and was then debriefed by Weld.

Helped stop a device that weaponizes portals from going off.[19]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Got assigned in parahuman prison camp as an undercover agent.[20]

Assisted Breakthrough with the Goddess situation, and was himself mastered by her.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

He and his team accompanied Breakthrough on their investigation of the Navigators' ambush. At the end of the another ambush he apprehended the enemy teleporter.[21]

Fanart GalleryEdit


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    She had said a lot of things over the years. He had believed most, and because other things had occupied his attention, he hadn’t given the remainder enough focus.

    Normally, trigger events emphasizing isolation, loss, cut ties, and betrayal tended to lead to master powers. Or, rather, master powers tended to go to people who were going to deal with those situations.

    Any attachment he had felt to his aunt had faded over the years, long before he had triggered. She hadn’t cared. So long as he behaved and didn’t cause a fuss, she had been happy to not have to devote much attention to him. There was nothing lost, so that aspect of things hadn’t factored in.

    So, naturally, he had avoided causing a fuss.

    It had only been later that their fragile reality had come crashing down around them. The police were closing in on him, he was no longer young, and where a young, clean cut white boy had flown under the radar, a teenaged white boy with pimples hadn’t. It had turned out that his aunt wasn’t his aunt at all. Her only relation to him was that she had stolen him from his real mother.

    The questions had come, hours of interrogation, his lawyer guiding him. Hadn’t he put the pieces together? Hadn’t he seen? Why hadn’t he asked more questions? He hadn’t looked at what he was delivering to homes even once in the past few years?

    No, he’d said. No, he’d never looked. He had never really considered. He had only wanted to exist.

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    He had been sufficiently scared and lost to trigger.

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