Crusader was a member of Empire Eighty-Eight.


Crusader wears armor and carries a ten-foot-long spear.[4]


Crusader was a neo-Nazi; he believed that he was a patriot, that America belonged to a certain kind of people, and that it was being "polluted" by "people with differences".[5]

He regarded himself as a "simple man with simple tastes": he was heterosexual, a fan of American football, enjoyed steak and potatoes and a good fight. He disliked organizations that he felt were overly focused on the "big picture" to the exclusion of ordinary Americans, like Gesellschaft.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Crusader had the power to create ghostly duplicates of himself and his possessions that could fly and pass through inorganic objects.[6] These replicas could lift him into the air, giving him a limited form of flight.[7]

He described his replicas as "immune to any strike or bullet, yet fully capable of pushing a man down the stairs or strangling them".[5] They were favourably Manton-limited, allowing them to pass through inorganic matter only;[3] they could impale a person through armor or walls with their spears,[4][3] and Skitter's bugs couldn't pass through them.[8]

He was "dimly" aware of the actions of his duplicates, and direct them mentally, although they appeared to operate with some degree of autonomy.[5] Taylor speculated that they were "infused with fragments of his ego".[4]

His clones appeared overlapping with his body, and he was able to create a clone and leave it overlapping him, using its flight to lift himself into the air.[5]


Background Edit

Justin triggered when he was caught attempting to murder his developmentally disabled sister after years of her getting all the attention and being forced to undergo transplants to help her. [5]

Story StartEdit

Helped during the fight against Leviathan, but was downed when Leviathan created a tidal wave. [9]


Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Went with Purity, Aster and Theo to Brockton Bay College to inquire into ways to help Theo trigger. Settled on the idea of abandonment, and deliberately left Theo behind when police and PRT showed up at the college. Purity was reluctant at first but he talked her around.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

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