Crucible is the post-timeskip team leader[1] of the Brockton Bay Wards.


Crucible is relatively inexperienced as a team leader, so he is often willing to bow to authority figures like Chevalier and see his enemies as more moral than they are.[1] He expresses frustration at not knowing the details of classified events, such as the Battle against Echidna[2], but he still demonstrates endurance and selflessness.


Crucible's costume leaves his jaw exposed.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Crucible is able to create a pale blue forcefield bubble that can flare an intense orange white filling it with intense heat,[3] incinerating everything inside.[4] He hides the latter aspect of his power to maintain his reputation as a hero.[4]

His power seems specifically restricted to spherical shapes as he can create domes and bubbles,[5] but was not shown to make any other formations. His forcefield bubbles could also be used simply to contain or shield, without the incineration effect.



Presumably a natural trigger.


Crucible was requisitioned by the Brockton Bay Protectorate to mitigate its losses after the battle against Echidna.[6]

He was present when Skitter surrendered herself to the PRT ENE, when she attacked Tagg and Alexandria,[7] and when she announced her decision to join the heroes and rename herself Weaver.[8]


By the time that Weaver asked him to participate in the effort against the Slaughterhouse 9000 he had risen to the position Team leader of the Brockton Bay Wards, he deferred leadership back to Clockblocker and deployed during a hostage situation alongside his teammates and the Undersiders.[1]

Crucible personally faced three Mannequins, three Murder Rats, three Breeds, a Nyx and a Tyrant during Jack Slash's second challenge for Theo, and sustained a jaw wound from Murder Rat that left him out of commission for a time.[9] It was the first time he killed there having burned several of the murderous clones to death.[4] He also battled three each of Skinslip, Hatchet Face, Miasma, and Murder Rat at Redfield.[10]

Gold MorningEdit

He was present at the start of event but it is unknown what became of him.


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