Crock o'Shit is a villainous ex-Birdcage prisoner, who was once a member of the Protectorate.


Operated in a military organization and then semi-independently in a paramilitary organization, before willingly going completely off the reservation.[1] From there she became a crime boss and years later a prisoner who survived a fatal environment.

Given the iconography she adorns herself with, and her power, she cares about the 'truth'. Under the influence of a Master power, she put herself forward to disprove a lie that had been uttered.[2] Her time in the birdcage only gave fuel to her worst impulses and preconceptions.[3]

Has taken a liking to hurting people. Having accepted the Red Queen's deal,[4] the formerly Fidelis's neurology was altered:[5] the defense of Shin is foremost in her mind though not strictly obedience to her new monarch.[6]


Crock o'Shit has tattoos beneath her eyes that stretch down to her jaw, that read from right to left 'Crock' and 'Shit'. She also has scales tattooed on her arms and neck,[2] and a marine corps tattoo on her arm.[7] Her pale skin makes a good contrast to her tattoos.[8] She has teeth that have been filed to points.[9]

In her Changer form, Crock o'Shit is around 10 feet tall, with claws and resembles a mix between a mole rat and a wingless bat. Parts of her body are blue-green due to her tattoos being stretched out. She has hidden sets of teeth and limbs within the folds of her body.[10]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Crock o’Shit is a Changer whose form is so sensitive that it has a secondary Thinker function. When she is lied to, she can sense these lies due to the reaction she can interpret from her guts, each reaction influences her changer form. Originally her changer form was a ten feet tall ethereal woman, but it grew more grotesque over time,[1] marinating in the falsehoods of the world.[3]

In her current monstrous form, she has large claws and thick, braided skin. She resembles a cross between a mole rat and a wingless bat. She also has hidden sets of teeth and limbs within the folds of her body.[10] It is very combat capable, such that she rarely fights people she needs to employ tactics against.[11]

It has limits as any power does. Her "Thinker" power is distinctly focused on the meaning behind a statement rather than concrete wording,[12] and does not have some absolute truth she came consistently check the answer against. Thus her power cannot function as a danger sense or give precognitive feedback.[13] Further, it can be 'beaten' by exclusionary detailing; a white lie or lying by omission.[8]

Still, she is able to gain information from a lie and give out factual information from it.[2][14]

She has training and a wide variety of experience from serving in the Marines as well as operating as a licensed hero in the PRT system, a successful crime lord, and surviving imprisonment in the Birdcage.



She triggered while serving in the marine corps, where she ran drug smuggling operation. When some of the drugs she had smuggled ended up killing people, the accumulated stress from the ensuing investigation was the reason for her trigger. Her case was swept under the rug and she left service to join the Louisiana Protectorate, as Fidelis.[15]

Her powers were sought after by several departments, including Watchdog.[16] But she had chosen to work as a semi-independent investigator in regions not covered by other departments. After two years of work, the PRT decided to move her out of the public eye, something that happens with more problematic heroes. Fidelis continued with her investigation as a vigilante.[1]

She resurfaced as the villainous cannibal by chewing through the crime lord and taking over their operations.[17] Protectorate stint was, allegedly, a cover for seeking payback on her greedy criminal buddies.[15]

Crock o’Shit was arrested some years later, and send directly to the Birdcage. She lived in Black Kaze's block.[3]

Gold MorningEdit

As she was not part of the original Birdcage release she was likely taken from the prison when the goddess collected the damned.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Years later Crock o'Shit was incarcerated in another parahuman prison when Goddess attacked it, like others she was mastered to the dictator's side.[2] Shortly though she was given drugged food that broke her from the effect and she provided an opening for Cryptid to kill Goddess.[18]

She accepted the rule of the Red Queen and went to Earth Shin.[4]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Crock o'Shit reappeared in the Shin prison alongside Coalbelcher and Cryptid.[19] Where she was ordered to execute visiting Kamil Armstrong to frame Antares from Breakthrough. She was eventually stopped by Sveta.[20]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

She was present during The Second Shin Crisis.[21]


  • The smuggling operation of the sort that Crock o’Shit engaged in was a widespread problem for the real life United States Military, constitutional rights meant personnel could send & receive packages and mail without having it searched. This changed after 9/11 and the resulting shake-up to the United States security apparatus saw sweeping changes to the status quo.[22] As 9/11 didn't happen on Earth Bet,[23] Crock o’Shit's activities could have happened well into the 2000s.
  • Fidelis means "faithful" and is usually seen in Semper Fidelis, "always faithful" the Latin motto of the United States Marine Corps.
  • Crock comes from crockpot: an earthenware pot in use for centuries; currently in slow-cooking. To call food a crock of shit is a vile insult.


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    Coalbelcher would’ve been near Natalie, if he’d been protecting her or watching out for her as part of the deal. Had he taken some candy? Had he eaten some, or did he have it saved for later? Was that why Goddess didn’t like her sense of him? I could see him being loyal but not aligned, or aligned but carrying tainted candy. More the former, since he didn’t seem the type to save something for later. - Excerpt from Gleaming 9.15
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    There were lie detectors who worked through the letter of the law, and there were lie detectors who worked by the spirit of it. She was the latter. That made this harder.
    “It’s confidential,” Kamil told Yosef.

    “Partially true,” Crock o’Shit said.

    Yosef’s words were a rumble.

    “This doesn’t endear us to you, Armstrong,” the translator said. “It comes across as subversive, a message passed from her to you.”

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    Yosef tried to interrupt, and he pressed on. “The textile bridge, the sharing of knowledge, security, it’s the start of something, and I’m really excited about that.”

    “Lie,” Crock o’Shit cut in.

    Kamil stopped. The smile dropped from his face.

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    “Nothing?” he asked. Top dog… is that a component to why she grows?

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