Cretan is a bull headed member of The Order, an Earth Cheit group.


As an Earth Cheit native he is likely versed in religion.



Cretan and Lionwing have a sexual relationship with one another.[1]


Based on Tattletale's analysis Cretan is actually loyal to Cradle.[2]


Cretan is a large physically imposing man,[3] when outside of costume he generally keeps his head shaved.[1]

Wears white and black armor that is styled after a bull, but without any horns.[4] Under the mask he wears war-paint.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Cretan creates a labyrinth through non-euclidean space. Comparable to Vista and Labyrinth however he is restricted to simple unmovable surfaces. Unlike either of them he is physically imposing and has been known to engage in fistcuffs.

When using his power any building is twisted and inverted into a confusing, physics-breaking, space warping maze.[5] He activates his power in pulses, with each wave warping the area further.[5] His upper limit is unknown but Cretan has been seen using his ability to twist a large area, including several buildings, into a maze the size of a skyscraper.[6]

Cretan himself seems able to manipulate the effect on the small scale within his radius to let him move through it.[7]



Has an unknown history in Earth Cheit.[8]


Assisted in the sabotage of the portals, alongside Lionwing and Kingdom Come[9].

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Split up with Teacher over a dispute with the Brockton Bay time bubbles.[10]

Assisted Cradle in taking on a combined group of Breakthrough and Undersiders,[11] and later joined his army on Earth N.[12]

During the final showdown with heroes he created an enormous maze out of Frontier Row and was instrumental in splitting and disabling the majority of the team. Eventually, during an attempt to leave, he was cut in half with Cradle's whip by Chastity Vasil, and forced Cradle to fix him, giving away the method.[13]


  • An example of how non-euclidean space would look like in real life.
  • His ability to warp space; creating ad hoc labyrinths, along with his name is all a reference to Asterion. Commonly known as the Bull of Minos or Minotaur who Theseus is famous for murdering while carrying out a home invasion. According to myth this all took place on Crete.


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