The Crater Lake, more often known simply as the Crater or the Lake, was a gigantic, flooded crater created by Leviathan in the middle of Brockton Bay, when he came to the city.

Geography/Description Edit

The lake was in the middle of Downtown,[1] or possibly in the northwest corner.[2]

Coil's underground base was located near one edge,[1] and Dolltown[3] and Ballistic's territory[4][5] were located at the northern border. Grue's territory bordered it to the west.[6]

The lake was roughly circular. It was surrounded by flooded streets, making the edges impossible to distinguish if not for the orange striped barriers with flashing lights and portable chain link fences that surrounded it.[7]

Points of InterestEdit

There were buildings in the centre of the lake that just emerged over the surface of the water.[7] The roof of one was used for the Meeting at Crater Lake.[8]

History Edit

Story StartEdit

Leviathan created the crater around himself after being shot through the head by Flechette.[9] Its formation cracked the interior walls of Coil's base.[1]


Following the Endbringer battle, the lake was cordoned off.[7]

The Meeting at Crater Lake was held there.[8]


During the timeskip, a border was constructed around the edges and work was done underground to prevent it from damaging the city's infrastructure.[10]


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