Cradle's Army is a mercenary company that Cradle hired to protect him on Earth N during three nights that were critical to his plans.

Structure Edit

The army is structured in a way that is similar to the cape scene in Russia, where squads of normal soldiers were build around parahuman leaders.

Most of the company is likely to be Cheit-sponsored, given Cradles' connections, The Order presence, matching equipment of unpowered mercs, and their parahuman-centered training, which would be unlikely in a hastily formed group.


Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Assembled in Cradle's workshop on Earth N, right outside Frontier Row.

Fought the combined forces of Breakthrough, and the Undersiders, as well as assisting the villains of Frontier Row. At least two unspecified squad leaders get killed by Damsel of Distress III[1].

Members Edit


  1. “We got two of their capes,” Swansong said.

    “I got two,” Damsel retorted.

    “We did.”

    “I did,” Damsel said. “Final blow’s all that matters.” - Excerpt from Heavens 12.7

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