Countenance is the second in command of team Foresight.


Countenance is somewhat of a lothario, having had sexual relationships with multiple coworkers.[1]


Countenance features an outfit heavier and draped more than the other members of Foresight, both in how the cloth hangs loose and how the armor panels are connected so they dangle from the piece above. The Foresight icon is centralized on his mask, reminiscent of a cyclopean eye.



At some point, had sexual relations with multiple coworkers.


Interviewed Victoria Dallon for a position on the team and turned her down.[2]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Countenance was potentially a target for the same subtle attack as Victoria's diary.


  • Countenance can mean a person's face, expression, or demeanor. To countenance something is to show approval for it.


  1. “Ratcatcher was vulnerable and on the fringes, she made a certain kind of target. But Countenance was the real focus, and he, I’m thinking, has a history of, how should I put it-”

    “Rooftop liaisons?” I asked.

    “No. Hooking up with coworkers. Maybe subordinates, maybe with messy end results, because any parahuman to parahuman interaction gets messy.” - Excerpt from Black 13.6
  2. Flare 2.1

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