Corporate Teams are groups of heroes that are operated by major corporations, rather than the PRT.

While there is overlap, a Corporate Team is owned by their company and can not seek outside donors or resources independently; Sponsored teams are independent and can change as they wish.[1]

Modus operandiEdit

Corporate teams generally act as a business. They have to operate at a loss initially, but once they've gathered some fame they can act as a parahuman "talent agency" for acting, merchandising, and rogue work. The greatest goal is to become so well-respected that cities will pay them to operate in the area, generally on a two-year contract.[2]

Corporate teams have a heavier emphasis on public relations and marketing than other teams.[3] Successful corporate heroes are paid much more than successful Protectorate heroes, but most end up being paid less. There's more risk, but also more freedom than being an official cape. Successful corporate heroes become celebrities, often getting into acting or music.[2]

Among the freedoms offered by corporate teams are the fact that young Wards are not allowed to wear skimpy costumes (although particularly successful corporate teams can still face the wrath of the Youth Guard), the fact that it can be difficult to move around freely when you have official responsibilities, and the fact the PRT disapproves of taking public stands on various issues - especially religious ones.[2]

Corporate heroes are not required to attend Endbringer battles,[2] but they are expected to actually catch criminals.[3]

Corporate teams are sometimes suspected of being fronts for the Elite.[2] The Elite do in fact control a number of corporate teams behind the scenes.[4]

Legal IssuesEdit

Corporate teams don't require any sort of license. They usually have a lawyer or legal team to ensure that they follow all the necessary procedures. They don't perform any action without word from the lawyers. This ensures that they don't, cause property damage, deviate from Earth Bet's expanded policies for citizen's arrest, mishandle evidence, or step on the toes of legitimate authorities. They often make a point of involving local law enforcement.[2]

Over time, the local authorities generally grant them more leeway and begin cooperating on specific projects, splitting jurisdiction and shifts with them, and/or allowing them access to equipment in exchange for favours. Police, lawyers, and government often periodically audit them to ensure everything is legal, and they often have dedicated liaisons from the PRT.[2]

Corporate teams that fail to comply with procedure are sometimes tacitly allowed to continue operating but are officially labeled vigilantes.[5]


Cape ranking sites will sometimes have a form of sponsorship similar to joining a corporate team, contingent on maintaining a good position, among other promotional ventures.[6] Bambina recieved money from sponsors as a result of her ranking, even though she was a villain.[7]

PRT ResponseEdit

The PRT deals with corporate cape teams on a case by case basis. Individual members may be registered with the PRT. A team may even have a liaison officer on staff to provide resources. Any PRT provided resources would expect to be paid back of course, in favors or otherwise.[8] As with any legitimate hero team Corporate capes will eventually catch the eye of the Youth Guard.

Notable ExamplesEdit



Corporate teams are especially common in San Francisco.[12] Lightslinger was a member of a corporate team called Eminent there prior to joining the Protectorate.[13]

Story StartEdit

Two rival corporate teams attended the Battle against Leviathan.[14] Several members of a corporate team, possibly the same one, indicated that they had fought Endbringers before when Legend asked.[15] Team Reach was another Corporate hero team.[16]


One of the corporate teams that showed up in Brockton Bay later attended the battle at New Delhi.[17]


Puma was sponsored by his namesake company, a member of corporate team Midas located in Phoenix.[18]

The Corporate team Goldenrod dealt with a major scandal from one of their premiere heroes Unicorn IV.[19]

During the Summer of 2012 a new corporate cape team called Lodestar was incorporated in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a alternative to a PRT Department being set up there.[20] Things don't go well.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Following the End of the World the team Auzure trod over old ground.


  • Had New Wave left Brockton Bay, they might have become a corporate team or joined the Elite, resulting in greater pressures on Panacea.[21] Had the Elite reached Brockton Bay, they might have turrned New Wave into a corporate team under their control.[22]


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