Copse is a villainous cape who worked for a powerful animal parts trafficker, who collected rare animal trophies.


Copse has what is described as a 'woodlands huntress aesthetic', wearing a lot of fur and leather.[1]



Copse worked for a wealthy and powerful animal parts trafficker, with a fascination in the exotic.

After moving to Earth Gimel, her employer had no more rare animals to hunt, so she turned to kidnapping humans. As such, she enlisted Copse in kidnapping three separate people. Two were unpowered people with rare genetic mutations (vitiligo and keratinous horns), and the third was a case 53. These three people were forced to live naked, in an enclosure, as if they were zoo animals.[2]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Foresight investigated the situation, and ultimately arrested Copse after her master committed suicide. She was eventually released, but jumped straight back into what she was doing.

She was brought back in by the hero teams, and exiled to an alternate earth.[3]


  1. Another woman was Copse. Woodlands huntress aesthetic, with an emphasis on fur and leather. She’d been a right hand woman for a powerful and obscenely wealthy animal parts trafficker and collector of trophies of endangered species once.- Black 13.1
  2. Copse’s master had no last-of-the-endangered-species to collect on this world, now that she was set up again. There were no rare animals, and so she had taken to sending Copse after people. Two of the three victims had had rare conditions, vitiligo and keratinous horns, and both had featured in a modeling shoot that portrayed the beauty in those conditions. The third had been a Case Fifty-three.

    Copse’s master had collected them and kept them naked and contained in an open-to-the-sky garden prison, surrounded on four sides by manor, with windows looking in, so the master could always watch, treating them like zoo animals.- Black 13.1
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