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Everything was easy now. It was disorienting.

Interlude 29

Fortuna,[3] more commonly known as Contessa, The Bogeyman or simply "the woman in the suit", is a founding member of Cauldron.


How much her shard has influenced her personality is an open question.

She built her life, from a very young age, around making sure that Zion did not complete his cycle.[4]

Contessa chose her path when she was a young girl and followed it unflinching for decades. Thanks to her power it is reasonable to assume that like her opponent she was shielded from the psychological stimulation that lends itself to maturity.

Despite being extremely powerful, Contessa does not lead Cauldron and instead acts as Doctor Mother's bodyguard and right-hand woman.[5]


Doctor Mother[]

Her partner in crime. They have worked for the balance of their lives to save the world. Because of the things they've had to do she respects her as much as she respects herself; i.e. not at all.


She is one of the most powerful parahumans in existence and is known as "her" or "the Boogeyman" to people high-ranked enough in the Protectorate to know about her. One Protectorate cape classifies her as "Thinker. Don't worry about the number. Just run."[2]


Contessa is a pale-skinned woman with black hair described as "somewhere between wavy and curly", worn a little longer than shoulder length.[6] On at least one occasion, she wore it in a loose ponytail.[7] She was pretty, but didn't wear obvious makeup.[6]

As a child, she generally wore a school uniform.[8][9] As an adult, she wears a tailored black suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie[6] and a fedora.[10][7]

Upon broken triggering into a Titan, Contessa's appearance changed significantly. She became an enormous vaguely woman shaped figure, with her head turned skyward. She has no face, but a morass of hair-like black stone. Three large wolf heads of this same black stone made up part of her neck and shoulders. Everything below that is a jumble of images. She also has an untold amount of eyes covering her entire body.[11]

Abilities and Powers[]

Contessa's power allows her to see the adaptable steps[12] she needs to take to succeed at nearly any given task and execute them perfectly.[13][3] Its applications include combat, communication, social situations, Cauldron's long-term plans, and how to set conditions for trigger events.[14] Through a series of questions (see below) she is able to use it to the utmost. Though almost unparalleled in power even it has limits or restrictions. (see below)

She can default to following the path, letting her Shard take over.[15] Thus putting herself out of range for many powers.

When trying to persuade someone it gives her the savoir faire necessary to succeed.

Due to Path to Victory's preeminence,[16] her Shard lacks the common Thinker weakness of being canceled out by other Thinkers, including precognitives,[13] but is not immune to certain trumps such as Mantellum[17] or possibly Jack Slash.[18][19]

Upon her becoming Titan Fortuna, her power changes to quickly being able to create and envision thousands of possible futures, along with the steps needed to achieve them, within seconds for any single goal she requests. She can read the details of all of them when she wills, in order to see the other details of the futures where her goal is fulfilled so to choose which one is the most favourable, then select one future Path to work towards. If both the Titan and the human Host use the power in-tandem and work together, they can concoct possible future Paths even quicker than normal.

However, the future Paths she comes up with are not every possible future, merely the ones her power's processing ability has calculated. As such, what Paths there are is dependant on this calculating ability, such as how long is spent on coming up with futures for a single goal and the aid that the Host can supply in thinking power and processing ability.[20]


To get the most out of her power she asks herself various questions at the start of each day,[21] and various questions before a mission to ensure success.[22] This lets her keep to the path to defeat Zion and provides her with protection against masters and strangers.[23]

Her power also provides her with excellent information gathering abilities provided the right questions are asked.[24]


Contessa's power does not range well beyond Earth, so flying into space and bombarding the planet would do fine against her.[25] Her power is probably unable to account for metaphysical stuff outside of the shard's realm of expertise.[26]

Contessa still needs food, rest, and sleep, or she would have to lean on her power for more minute details, making it harder for her to run background processes and long simulations.[27] More specifically, if she did not take care of herself and became physically weaker, her power would break things down into a series of derivative steps to be more precise about minute details that contribute to a specific end result.[28] As a fatigued Contessa needs to devote more resources to staying on task,[29] Cauldron collected people from multiple worlds instead of one world to draw less notice and reduce the labor for her.[30]

Contessa's power does not protect her against human error as it is theoretically possible to trick her into asking the wrong question.[21] However, given time, she asks questions beforehand about deception, mind control, area of effect, and other obstacles her power wouldn't effectively fight against; this significantly reduces the likelihood of being tricked.[21] She also asks questions to protect her against Strangers, Masters, Thinkers, and attacks against all corners.[31] That said, if Contessa does not take care of herself and gets worn down enough, there is a risk that she forgets to ask these questions or falls ill.[32] She could also ask the wrong questions or hear the wrong things, where 'wrong' is something that takes her off of the course she was on and is a relative wrong, not a moral wrong.[33]

While Contessa can execute most tasks, she has some blind spots. She cannot directly use her power on an Entity,[3] the Endbringers,[13] powerful capes like Valkyrie[34] and Eidolon,[35] and some intricate interactions of powers. She can still somewhat predict their actions by considering a hypothetical situation.[3][35]

Her power does not allow her to Tinker rather it gives her the ability to handle tinkertech while avoiding misfires[36] and lets her damage or subvert it just enough for it to do what she wants.[37][38]

Upon her transformation into the Titan Fortuna, the restriction against Endbringers was removed, though it is not known if the other restrictions were removed or not. The one Endbringer she used it against, the Simurgh, was a perfect counter to her abilities, as the Simurgh's precognition power and her Song's increasing range allow her to "hack" reality and grant her a "cheat" to all of Fortuna's Paths. This allows her to tamper with the Paths so that, while on the surface they were seemingly in Foturna's favour, further scrutiny will reveal that they all eventually end in the Simurgh's victory. The longer Fortuna looks at the future of her Path and remains in the Simurgh's range, the more Paths are very quickly tampered with.

The only way around this limitation is for Fortuna to create a Path but to quickly "confirm" it and set it in motion, while not looking at it first. This takes "the sheet off the table" and prevents it from being tampered with by the Simurgh. If both Fortuna and Its host, Contessa, use their power in concert, this increases how quickly they can create Paths. However, they still neeed to choose the Path quickly enough that the Simurgh can't have the chance to alter it.[20]


Contessa's shard, which calls itself "The Eye", has an unique degree of autonomy among other shards due to an unfinished transfer process.[39] When Scion examined Contessa, he "saw a shard that was not its own, but was not dead"; normally, shards from Eden are dead.[40] This may indicate that Contessa's shard is still linked to The Loner, since Eden was in the process of integrating it when she crash-landed and lost it.[3]



Contessa was born as Fortuna on an unknown alternative earth.

When she was a child, Eden crash-landed in a vicinity of Fortuna's village and pieces of her body contaminated food and water sources. Multiple people in the community turned into monsters plunging it into a chaos. Fortuna was one of the few, if there were any else, who kept their own body.

Fortuna's trigger event included a vision of Eden and Scion's plans to sow conflict and destroy humanity, and she set about finding and killing the entity with a power that was still unrestricted. 

The entity, realizing what she was trying to do, restricted her power so that it could not be used against Entities. However, Fortuna had already seen the steps required to kill the Entity, and with the help of a woman who would later call herself 'the Doctor,' Fortuna stopped the entity from killing her and reclaiming the critical shard. The Doctor, with a knife and directions given by Fortuna, stabbed the entity in a critical location, rendering it brain dead.  

The Doctor and Fortuna founded Cauldron with the sole purpose of stopping Eden's partner entity, Scion. They harvested Eden's corpse for powers, which they granted to other people. Ashamed of the human experimentation she performed to improve the power formula, Fortuna took the name Contessa out of respect to her parents and a desire to avoid sullying the name they gave her.[3]

Through the years Contessa as served as the doctor's bodyguard, whenever they went on dangerous assignments.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Attended the meeting of Cauldron and The Triumvirate.[41]


Keeps the details revealed during the Echidna battle hush hush. Was transferred back to Cauldron's home base to ensure that there were no escapes, the events of the Echidna event were allowed to leak out.[42]


Bonesaw when masquerading as Riley is confronted by Contessa during the time skip while the rest of the Slaughterhouse Nine are in stasis. Contessa prompts Bonesaw in her initial thoughts to betray the Nine with a conversation about the distinction between her and her passenger.[43]


Deployed effectively against The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.

Gold Morning[]

Contessa helped coordinate Cauldron's response to Scion. Doctor Mother requested that she find three candidates for some vials that had historically yielded very strong powers, but Contessa was intercepted by attacking Irregulars before she was able to leave the facility. One of the Irregulars, Mantellum, was able to block Contessa's power, forcing her to flee Cauldron's offices and fake her death.[3]

After returning to the facility and discovering the Doctor is dead, Contessa provided Cauldron's contingency plans to Teacher and assumed second-in-command of his organization. Following Scion's death, Contessa tracked down Khepri and, after a brief conversation aided by her abilities, disabled her shard with two bullets.


Had disappeared, presumably into retirement.[44]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Following an attempt to stop relying on her power Fortuna was captured and imprisoned by Teacher's branch of Cauldron.[45] During The Wardens' assault on the compound she was freed by Imp and Breakthrough.[46] She led them to victory over Teacher, and in the final confrontation with Teacher rejected his methods, which led to him scrapping his endgame plans and running away.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

In the following days she joined Citrine as a consultant,[47] and subsequently The Wardens' thinker pool.[48]

She was still recovering from the coma.[49]

Contessa retrieved a de-powered Teacher from Earth Cheit with the help of some other capes, to avoid being incapacitated by Mama Mathers-inspired traps.[50] While passing the Cheit-Gimel portal she accidentally escalated the riot, that lead to Fume Hood's broken second trigger, which tagged Contessa herself and used her power-connections to catalyze the dimensional collapse of The City. Contessa was turned into one of the Titans.[51] The Titan Fortuna would later be joined by the Simurgh.

The Ice Breaks[]

According to the Wardens' thinkers Simurgh interfered in Fortuna's communication.[52]

Titan Fortuna, initially planning to become the new hub, was locked in the precog-duel with Simurgh and outplanned. With all the secondary and thousandary plans countered,[53] the shard part of titan resorted to the guidance of the human part and Fortuna decided to postpone the ending of The Cycle.[54]

Following The Firmament bombing she led Ophion and Nemean to the Earth Shin portal. She skipped the most of the fighting with defending capes by initiating further dimensional collapse using the massive burst of titan-body regeneration caused by Legend's full-power barrage.[55] It shortly produced The Flowing, The Impaler, The Custodian, Drillbit and Pouffe Titans.[56]

Rain was able to deliver the message to Contessa through The Firmament. Shortly after that Fortuna either ordered her Titans to stand down or stopped commanding them, and went dormant herself for a while.[57] However, one of the predestined cracks still reached Valkyrie, turning her into a Titan too.[58]

Breakthrough visited Contessa's seat of power inside the Shardrealm,[57] they received a series of visions regarding the nature of the Eye and the previous cycles,[59] and were warned about the Simurgh taking over Titan Fortuna and summoning more Endbringers with the help of Titan Valkyrie and Eidolon's shade.[60]

Titan Fortuna prepared defenses against the final attack of The Simurgh, with four drill-titans being ordered to destroy the segments of the The Shardspace.[61]

Contessa and Antares struck a deal. Fortuna received Dauntless under her control, allowing her to defeat The Simurgh, while Antares got means to recover Riley Davis, the parahuman plague, and distant capes through Titan Valkyrie.[62]

Titan Fortuna proceeded with with her attempt to end the Cycle early,[62] but was put into a stalemate by the deployment of the parahuman plague. It took the majority of available parahumands and their data hostage, and the distribution of the decision to heal them to the hands of unpowered public, who would perish if Fortuna attempted to leave. Thus forcing her to yield.[63] Three titans, including Fortuna, immediately "crumbled" after that.

Chapter Appearances[]

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Fanart Gallery[]


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  37. Whatever she was doing was working. When I switched my view away from the map and to Kenzie’s diagram of the facility’s infrastructure, I could see that Kenzie was making headway. I could see some messages between her and the computer console Contessa was at.

     :I cannot work with tinkertech or tinker code but I can give you the boot passwords to the server terminals. Old data is still on the systems, heavily encrypted.  :i reset & access old system archetecture in at boot lvl???  :Yes.  :d-  ! _ ! d- - Excerpt from Dying 15.7
  38. In the midst of the Kulshedra, I could sense moving air currents. A woman emerged from thin air, from a place cooler than the interior of the ship. The civilians we’d rescued shrieked and backed away from her. She didn’t respond, barely reacted. Someone with long, dark hair and a suit. She fixed her cuffs, then moved with purpose.

    But I found myself less fixated on her than on her surroundings. Oddly enough, I could feel a different structure behind the woman, a hallway.
    Satyr didn’t speak. He glanced at the ship. He couldn’t see from the angle he’d approached, but the woman inside had pulled the lever, and the door at the back was slowly closing.
    “Kul-,” I gasped out.

    The woman turned and walked up to the ruined nose of the craft, and began threading wires together. She didn’t even flinch as sparks flared between them. She was measured, even patient, as she worked at fixing the panel. When she was done, she tapped something out on the broken, unlit touch panel.

    “Kulshedra, shut down,” I managed.

    “Restate request.”

    The pillar rose from the top of the box, freeing the upper part of the box’s door.

    “Kulshedra, contact Dragon,” I tried.

    “Dragon is currently unable to reply.”

    “Contact Chevalier.”


    The woman tapped out another code, and the clamps on the bottom came open, freeing the bottom.

    Yet another code typed out, and the system spoke, “Type two safety override accepted.”

    The woman in the ship struck a single button. The A.I. spoke, “Call ended.”

    “Kulshedra, call Chevalier,” I repeated.


    The woman inside typed out a final code, and the door of the box opened, releasing Pretender.

    And then she spoke, and I could hear through the bugs that surrounded her. “The Doctor will see you now.”

    “Right-o,” Pretender said. “Gotta be better than the Birdcage.”

    They stepped through the gateway that led to the cool, air-conditioned hallway, and then they were gone, the butterflies in the hallway no longer in my reach.

    I felt my blood pumping, roaring in my ears. “They got him. They collected Pretender.”


    “Her. The shooter’s partner. Cauldron.” I clenched my fist. “Rime’s down. We have to help her.”
    Arbiter looked from her phone to Prefab. “Dragon collapsed just before this began. She was meeting a Las Vegas Rogue.”

    “Yeah,” I said. I thought of the woman who’d been so handy with the computer. The censor, the bogeyman. They’d taken out Rime, no doubt because she could have sealed the box behind a wall of ice.

    Yet they hadn’t taken out Prefab, who could have done much the same thing.

    Every step of the way, every action perfect. - Excerpt from Drone 23.2
  39. She stood utterly alone and completely still. For all intents and purposes, she was the only one of her kind. [...] Every other gift lay dead and disconnected, fruit on the branches of a dead tree, with little in the way of parting words or guidance. Every other connection to the Loner was gone. The Pair too distant to reach. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.z
  40. Interlude 26
  41. Legend's Interlude
  42. Interlude 21.x
  43. Interlude 25
  44. “This would be easier if we had Fortuna,” she said.

    “She gave her all to get us this far. It would be asking a lot, for her to give us the remainder of her years. We’ll see ourselves the rest of the way. She can live her life as she sees fit.”

    Jeanne privately disagreed, but she didn’t make a point with it. Not with Kurt’s younger selves in the car. - Excerpt from Interlude 5x II
  45. Black 13.x
  46. Dying 15.6
  47. From Within 16.1
  48. Sundown 17.3
  49. “Only that Contessa is still malnourished, with slight atrophy of the limbs, it’s slowing her down. She’s also slowed down because she’s having to reset her layers of defenses. Stuff she’d ask herself regularly, to guard herself against every eventuality in the days and weeks. After her trauma of being captured during her one taste of freedom and independence, I think she’s being extra slow and extra careful. Not blind spots, but factors. - Excerpt from Sundown 17.9
  50. For other blind spots? Teacher’s tech. His portals, a lot of the cracking, and a few traps he set using tinkered replications of Mama Mathers- [...] Nothing like you’re picturing. He had tinkers scan her, copy her power, and work out stuff like… quantum tripwires, tripping when you look at them.”

    “Yes. Devices that trip in response to being observed. With big flashes that stick in your vision or mind’s eye. But mostly it’s the portals. Contessa is on her way back from Cheit. She’s got a captive Teacher with her. She led a group in there and leaned on them pretty heavily to get around the special countermeasures he put in place.” - Excerpt from Sundown 17.9
  51. Sundown 17.y
  52. "Tattletale said the thinkers are analyzing Titan Fortuna and the Simurgh. With those two you can never be sure, but it looks like they aren’t aligned. The Simurgh is interfering with the information Fortuna is trying to transmit to her network.” - Excerpt from Radiation 18.9
  53. A path that began with Auger fighting that was intended to end with her networked to all titans, ready to end this world and scattered haphazardly and limping to other stars and planets… instead ended with this silver woman in control of the network, humanity mad and savage.

    A path that began with the host Valkyrie being made Titan, intended to end with the network largely complete, the silver woman dead, and the scattering due to happen in ten years… instead ended with the silver woman in control of the network, half of humanity deranged and fighting the other half. To investigate why took time that the silver woman could use to gain purchase elsewhere. [...] She saw a thousand more paths that ended with the silver woman ruling, despite the fact the silver woman had a fraction of her strength. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.z
  54. The child refused to be a slave again. The Titan refused to be a slave for other reasons. But they were able to think and act in concert. [...] Step one: hold the cracks back, until the right moment, the Titan Fortuna and the child Fortuna thought in concert. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.z
  55. Infrared 19.4
  56. Infrared 19.5
  57. 57.0 57.1 Infrared 19.7
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  59. Infrared 19.8
  60. Infrared 19.9
  61. The Titans had gathered and stood as a defensive line, spaced apart like each one’s position mattered on some fundamental level. Four of the Titans had powers that drilled, dug, or carved. Titan Amenonuhoko, Titan Auger, Titan Drillbit, Titan Ghast. All four Titans were tearing up the crystal landscape below them, aiming for specific paths and locations. - Excerpt from Last 20.a
  62. 62.0 62.1 Last 20.a
  63. Last 20.b

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