Fortuna,[3] more commonly known as Contessa, the bogeyman or simply "the woman in the suit", is a founding member of Cauldron.


Contessa is a pale-skinned woman with black hair described as "somewhere between wavy and curly", worn a little longer than shoulder length.[4] On at least one occasion, she wore it in a loose ponytail.[5] She was pretty, but didn't wear obvious makeup.[4]

As a child, she generally wore a school uniform.[6][7] As an adult, she wears a tailored black suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie[4] and a fedora.[8][5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Contessa's power allows her to see the steps she needs to take to succeed at nearly any given task and execute them perfectly.[9][3] Its applications include combat, communication, social situations, Cauldron's long-term plans, and how to set conditions for trigger events.[10]

She is one of the most powerful parahumans in existence and is known as "her" or "the Boogeyman" to people high-ranked enough in the Protectorate to know about her. One Protectorate cape classifies her as "Thinker. Don't worry about the number. Just run."[2]

While Contessa can execute most tasks, she has some blind spots. She cannot directly use her power on an Entity,[3] the Endbringers,[9] or Eidolon.[11] She can still somewhat predict their actions by considering a hypothetical situation.[3][11]

She lacks the common Thinker weakness of being canceled out by other Thinkers, including precognitives,[9] but is not immune to certain trumps such as Mantellum or Jack Slash.

Despite being extremely powerful, Contessa does not lead Cauldron and instead acts as Doctor Mother's bodyguard and right-hand woman.[12]



Contessa was born as Fortuna on another earth that Eden collided with. When she was a child, several people in her village triggered by consuming food and drink contaminated with parts of Eden following the entity's crash-landing. Fortuna's trigger event included a vision of Eden and Scion's plans to sow conflict and destroy humanity, and she set about finding and killing the entity with a power that was still unrestricted. 

The entity, realising what she was trying to do, restricted her power so that it could not be used against Entities. However, Fortuna had already seen the steps required to kill the Entity, and with the help of a woman who would later call herself 'the Doctor,' Fortuna managed to stop the entity from killing her and reclaiming the critical shard. The Doctor, armed with a knife and directions both given by Fortuna, managed to stab the entity in a critical location, rendering it effectively brain dead.  

The Doctor and Fortuna founded Cauldron with the sole purpose of stopping Eden's partner entity, Scion. They harvested Eden's corpse for powers, which they were able to grant to other people. Ashamed of the human experimentation she had to perform to improve the power formula, Fortuna took the name Contessa out of respect to her parents and a desire to avoid sullying the name they gave her. [3]

Through the years Contessa as she was now served as the doctor's bodyguard, whenever they went on dangerous assignments.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Attended the meeting of Cauldron and The Triumvirate.[13]


Keeps the details revealed during the Echidna battle hush hush. Was transferred back to Cauldron's home base to ensure that there were no escapes, the events of the Echidna event were allowed to leak out.[14]


Bonesaw when masquerading as Riley is confronted by Contessa during the time skip while the rest of the Slaughterhouse Nine are in stasis. Contessa prompts Bonesaw in her initial thoughts to betray the Nine with a conversation about the distinction between her and her passenger.[15]


Deployed effectively against The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.

Gold MorningEdit

Contessa helped coordinate Cauldron's response to Scion. Doctor Mother requested that she find three candidates for some vials that had historically yielded very strong powers, but Contessa was intercepted by attacking Irregulars before she was able to leave the facility. One of the Irregulars, Mantellum, was able to block Contessa's power, forcing her to flee Cauldron's offices and fake her death.[3]

After returning to the facility and discovering the Doctor is dead, Contessa provided Cauldron's contingency plans to Teacher and assumed second-in-command of his organization. Following Scion's death, Contessa tracked down Khepri and, after a brief conversation aided by her abilities, disabled her shard with two bullets.


Had disappeared, presumably into retirement.[16]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Following an attempt to stop relying on her power Fortuna was captured and imprisoned by Teacher's branch of Cauldron.[17]


  • When Scion examined Contessa, he "saw a shard that wasn’t its own, but wasn’t dead"; normally, shards from Eden are dead.[18] This may indicate that Contessa's shard is still linked to Abaddon, since Eden was in the process of integrating it when she crash-landed and lost it.[3]


"I win." Crushed 24.2

(To herself) "Wolf-fucking horseballs." Interlude 29

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