Contender is a villainous mercenary with ties to Cradle, and the Order of Four.


Contender was more than willing to go along with Cradle's plans, showing a low level of moral fibre.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Contender is a Trump/Shaker who is capable of trapping people in an arena that he creates, in which their powers cease to work, it extends to tinkertech too[1]. The arenas border also partially blocks out air and light.[2] The bubble, while highly resistant, is not completely impenetrable, Swansong was able to pop it from the outside.[3]


Carries a gas mask with an oxygen tank along with and some kind of toxic gas that he uses in conjunction with his ability.



Contender used to be known as 'The Pug', short for Pugilist. Prior to Gold Morning, he would pick fights with various capes based on bets he would make online. Eventually, he graduated from this and started going after kill orders.

Gold MorningEdit

Persumably had similar experiences as other parahumans.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

After Gold Morning, he rebranded and started calling himself Contender.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

With Noontide, was part of the team of mercenaries that attacked Breakthrough and other hero teams who were investigating an ambush on The Navigators.

Contender was hired by Cradle and was present during attack on Tattletale-led group of Breakthrough and The Undersiders.[4] Later in the day he was in the welcoming party for Antares' retaliation mission to Earth N and brutally countered the Harbinger Clones. One of boys rewarded Contender for the efforts with the loss of eyes, so Paris was forced to deliver him into Bluestocking care.[5]


  • Pugilist is an old term for boxer.


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