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Colt is a teenage criminal working for Love Lost.


Colt's personality appears to have been affected by her powers, as she seems to be disconnected from reality in a way that is common in Breakers.


Colt has medium-long, bleached blonde hair that she wears slicked back. Her face resembles her mother's.[3] She has a slender frame.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

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Colt was initially an unpowered henchwoman.

During her Interlude, however, she triggered with a Breaker power. When in breaker state, she is described as having a silvery nimbus of glowing smoke-hair while her body is reduced to a rough, edgy projection of a veiny-purple color, with very limited physicality, including decreased strength and inability to talk.[5]

Her breaker form affects her mental state, as drug-influenced powers tend to do. After leaving breaker form she 'crashes'.

Colt has showcased several abilities.

Her version of Snag's ability allows her to fly, and turn in a way that Victoria thought was highly maneuverable, capable of stopping faster than any flier Vicky had ever seen.

Her version of Precipice's abiltiy allows her to manifest foot long black energy blades out of each hand, that are capable of cutting through a lamp post.

Anguished Heart gave her an ability that allows her to create a very short-ranged emotional aura that inflicts intense anxious agitation, enough to fully incapacitate an average person.[6]

Grasping Self gave her a Tinker ability that allows her to construct studs. While in her breaker form, these studs can absorb energy and create hands out of electricity.[7]

Her abilities looked like a "bud" of Love Lost, as she appears in her section in cluster's dreamroom and benefits from tokens given to Love Lost[8]. However, her connection is heavily implied to be abnormal, since her trigger vision strays close to visions experienced during Broken Trigger, while also being "joined" to a cluster purely due to a signal boost from portals (clustered shards are strictly insular in normal circumstances).[2] She, also, is able to influence the dream-visions of her cluster with relative ease, and seems to possess some deeper intuition about human-shard connections.[9]



Colt and her family lived in Cedar Point. She worked for her parents, but when business was slow and she wasn't getting paid, she began working for Nailbiter.[4] Her family eventually disowned her, and she left to join the villains.[10]

She subsequently remained with the Hollow Point villains as a henchman for the more violent group of villains. It is unknown whether she participated in the attack on the Fallen compound.

Post-Fallen Fall[]

Colt went with Kitchen Sink and Hookline to go after Kenzie following her appearance on TV. Kenzie recognized her from monitoring Hollow Point.[11] Natalie attempted to convince her to leave the gang, but was unsuccessful.[12]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Colt acted as Love Lost's interpreter when she met with the anti-parahuman protesters in the Lyme Center.[13] She was later present when Cradle made plans to work with Love Lost.[14]

When Breakthrough and the Undersiders joined up to address the cluster situation, Colt and the rest of Love Lost's group faced down a team composed of Imp, Swansong, Lookout, and three Heartbroken.[15] In the midst of the fighting, she shot Samuel Vasil, was disarmed by Imp and confronted by Florence.[16] However, before Flor could use her power, Colt triggered with a strong power that allowed them to capture their opponents.[17]

Later, she and Love Lost's gang tried to intercept Antares's group, but got beaten, in part due to Colt's failing resolve.[5]

During the next night, she was captured and drained by Cradle. The following day she was arrested alongside him and Love Lost.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Colt attempted to help her clustermates and make the nights easier on them.[18]

She avoided exile to the prison planet by telling Breakthrough and the Wardens (at Swansong's advice) about her cluster dreams. Despite his dislike of her, Rain said he'd be in touch.[19]

She was recruited to fight alongside Breakthrough during the second Wardens' assault on Teacher's Compound.[20]

Together with Love Lost, she managed to tear down one of the Saint's angels.[21] She later assisted Rain in taking down Mama Mathers by doing a lot of structural demolition.[22]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

She helped Breakthrough during their invasion into the dream-room, attempted to negotiate with Cradle, and even took some knife stabs from him to protect kids.[18]

The Ice Breaks[]

Colt assisted Rain and the Patrol Block during the sabotage attack on the Shardspace.[23] And in the morning she joined the battle against the Fortuna's Titans.[24]

Together with Love Lost she willingly accepted Victoria's plague.[25] During the Long Dream they stayed together with Rain.[26]

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