Colony 15.7
Date posted November 6, 2012
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Colony 15.7 is the ninth chapter of the Colony Arc. Skitter's stab wound is given medical attention. Parian agrees to an alliance with the Undersiders.


Returning to her lair on Atlas after Flechette's ambush Skitter contacts Tattletale to fill her in on everything she accomplished. The Thinker insists that Skitter receive proper medical assistance to have the stab wound examined. While waiting she getting in the middle of a family disagreement between the Kiley siblings. Bryce remains unimpressed with skitter but Sierra seems to successfully disabuse him of that notion.

While arranging to have the necessary surgery completely conscious so as to not waste time; she administers to her territory while getting her shoulder dislocated. Parian arrives and Skitter is uses one Swarm clones to have a conversation with the Rogue. Skitter learns Parian was able to get the remains of Kith and kin safe.

The girl admits that she hates the supervillain for the situation she forced her into. They have a long discussion about how the status quo is affected by powers and Skitters place in the Boardwalk. In the end Skitter tells Parian that she can live with the Rogue's hatred and prepares for Coil's mission.


The Undersiders

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  • Skitter has a weakened arm for several days after this. Whatever lingering damage she has is removed thanks to Scapegoat.


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