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Date posted 20 October 2012
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Colony 15.2 is the third chapter of Colony. The Undersiders secure Regents territory and beat up Nazis. Regent showcases a willingness for kidnapping.


The Undersiders are walking along the boulevard. They are on their way to have a rematch against remnants of Empire Eighty Eight.

Regent quibs about the "rags" Skitter made for them and she counters that she'll take his back if their not wanted, as she has other uses for the material.

Skitter senses the people in the room. Specifically Othala, Victor, Rune, Night and Fog. With some non powered members caught in the middle.

Parahumans relationships are explored.

Skitter learns she still doesn't know everything her friends are capable of. Not just in regards to powers.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Undersiders engage elements of the defunct E88, who are far less united then they were previously.


  • Skitter showcases a willingness to learn from her mistakes, uses this to trip up Night. Showcasing how far she's come in the meantime.


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