Colony 15.1
Date posted 16 October 2012
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Colony 15.1 is the first chapter of Colony. We learn about Bitch’s people. Skitter gives the Undersiders spider-silk costumes, they agree to turn on Coil and save Dinah.


The chapter opens with a gigantic crash as bently pulls down a damaged building as part of local efforts to clean up the Boardwalk. Skitters employees go about their tasks as she gives out directions. Chats with Bitch.

The two of them head back to Skitters hideout. Heading upstairs Taylor gifts Rachel with a new coat and mask woven from spiders silk. Rachel is suspicious of the gift saying her previous experience with them felt more like a bribe or exchange but Taylor tries to correct her.

The other undersiders arrive and get all of their outfits.

That done they sit down to chat and talk about what's changed since the Nine.

The conversation shifts and the group talk about Coil. They go around the room talking about their reasons for going against coil. regent is his typical dickish self.

They decide to take the Mastermind down.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Undersiders agree to topple Coil.


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