Arc 15
Chapter Count 14
Word Count 78,154
Date started
16 October 2012
Date finished
20 November 2012
Arc Guide
Colony is the fifteenth arc of the Worm series. It is preceded by Prey and followed by Monarch.


The Slaughterhouse Nine are gone, but now Taylor is convinced that Coil has no intention of releasing Dinah. The Undersiders agree to back her up when she's ready to move against him. She even recruits a new ally in Parian, after donating money to cover treatment costs for the rogue's family members who were altered by Bonesaw. Her day takes a turn for the worse when Coil orders her, Trickster, and Genesis to deliver a message to the mayor. Intimidating a public official at dinner with his family would be uncomfortable enough, but Tattletale also gets a strong impression that Coil intends for Skitter to be killed in action. And then the Protectorate shows up...


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