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Coil's Organization (which lacks a formal name) consists of a large group of mercenaries and capes under the command of the supervillain Coil.

Modus operandi[]

The unnamed organization is essentially a tool that Coil uses to accomplish his goals: to supplant any existing factions in Brockton Bay and completely place the city under Coil's personal control. As a by-product of his pride he offered to improve overall situation in the city.[1][2]

The backbone of Coil's organization was provided by Coil's ability to gain a large number of funds using his power. After some point, Dinah's power was used to augment Coil's abilities to gather information and plan actions. The plans he creates are carried out by either his own mercenaries (usually covertly) or his hired capes (if there was a chance of cape interference).

The organization mostly used subterfuge tactics. Coil maintained plausible deniability about his connection with employed supervillain teams to present them as independent actors and safeguard himself and his personal resource base in cases of retaliations.

According to Piggot, Coil's men participate in drug trade.[3]

Under Tattletale's Leadership[]

Tattletale would continue using mercenaries and similar in keeping Brockton Bay running smoothly.


The organization consists of a large group of mercenary ex-soldiers under the command of the supervillain Coil. It consists completely of its agents.

It is spread across a network of secret bases, and has several groups of capes attached, namely the Travelers, Undersiders and some freelancers (Circus and Trainwreck). It also acquired Dinah, who is kept as a prisoner so Coil can take advantage of her powers.

Had Coil's plan worked out, he would have moved his villain teams out into the surrounding towns to disrupt the cape scene there, so he could in turn rein them in and recruit for his teams.



Began forming when Coil started recruiting agents to accomplish his whims.

Recruited Chariot, Circus[4] and numerous mercenaries and former child soilders for the larger plan.

Story Start[]

With Lung captured, the organization had a big chance.

With the distraction provided by the bank heist Coil gained access to adolescent precog Dinah[5] which gave him the perfect carrot to dangle in front of the Travelers to help their Sixth member.

It lent forces to putting the ABB down, and hired Faultline’s Crew for the event.[6]

It unleashed information that led to the Collapse of the Empire Eighty-Eight and later carried out a strike to ensure the supremacists' schism.[7]


After Leviathan's attack, it became clear that organization was stockpiling food, fuel and other necessities. There were backup power generators and weaponry as well.

Since his teams of supervillains proved to be capable enough and the situation in the city was destabilized enough, Coil divided Brockton Bay into zones of influence between his capes, so they would maintain control on a personal basis.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Faced its greatest test with the Dragonflight coming to take on the capes that had taken over the city in the wake of the Nine's departure. Substantial funds were used for a consultation with the Dragonslayers.

After confrontation with the Protectorate, Coil faked his own death and discredited the heroes and mayor of the city at the same time, in order for his civilian identity to assume the role of PRT Director for the local headquarters.

Tattletale bribed the members of Coil's Organization into abandoning him at a crucial moment and then Skitter killed him. Tattletale would subsume much of the organization's resources and personnel when she took over the organization as the new leader, after Skitter freed Dinah.

The new leader and her teammates were faced with a massive crisis when Coil unleashed his planned trump card.[8]


While the main base was destroyed, several backup bases survived.

The portal used to resolve the crisis was on the organization's property.

All of the organization's legitimate holdings, including the Portal, were turned over to Sierra Kiley.


Focused on consolidating and gathering information about the possible End of the World

Gold Morning[]

Tried to keep on top of things during the five-day event. Tattletale left instructions in case she never came back.[9]


Coil's organization has evolved in Tattletale's service.


Cape Teams[]


  • Brooks
  • Dimitri
  • Jaw
  • Minor
  • Pritt
  • Senegal



  • The distinction between Coil and his organization is made by the assets and underlings that Coil controls in his identity as a cape that he can not access in his civilian persona.


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