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Coil, real name Thomas Calvert, is a supervillian operating in Brockton Bay.


Thomas is a meticulous planner he goes out of his way to make sure he is secure and protected at all times, cultivating paranoia. He has ambition and pride especially in regards to keeping his possessions safe be they people or cities.

His personality seemed to mesh well with Accord given there was a supposed partnership, or even friendship between them. They are both cautious, with Coil using his abilities to take such preparedness to an extreme, ensuring people cannot catch him off guard.[2] He is fine with torturing people for information and using multiple types of physical and psychological warfare.

His power allows him to capture and torture individuals for information and as long as his targets would have no memory of what happened and he would face no consequences. He used this partially to gather information and partially as stress relief.[3][4][5]


The Travelers[]

Coil had several plans to assist the Travelers with their main issue. But when these failed, such as getting the assistance of Panacea,[6] he ultimately schemed to turn their situation to his advantage.[7]

The Undersiders[]

Formed The Undersiders as a team to use for various tasks. He started them on pulling insignificant heists to test their worth, slowly building up on what the team attempted.


The chess-master was a pawn in a much larger game. He had to make promises and deals with powerful people to gain his abilities, and put himself into debt doing it.[8] His civilian identity and potential importance were what allowed him to get his powers in the first place.[2][9]


Accord considered Coil a friend, it is unknown to what extent this was considered mutual.[9] However if an opposing faction ever reached out to Accord to for help against Coil any advice they were given would be slanted to give Coil an advantage.[10]


Has taken pains to separate his cape and civilian lives.[11]


Thomas is described as a thin man, skeletal, taller than Grue.[12]

As Coil, he wore a skintight black bodysuit with a stencil[13] of a white snake curling around it, its head on his forehead, extending down the back of his head, looping and winding over his entire body with its tail at one ankle.[12][14] A zipper was hidden in the snake, at his ankle. His mask didn't have eye holes. The fabric of the costume allowed him to see and breathe through it, but was an opaque black-gray to outside observers in all but the brightest light.[14][15] The way it clung to his skin let you see his individual ribs and joints.[12]

In his civilian identity, of Thomas Calvert, he had close cropped, coarse hair, trimmed eyebrows, thin lips and a cleft chin. He wore the body portion of a PRT uniform with an insignia stitched onto his sleeve.[16]

Calvert is black.[17]

Abilities and Powers[]

Coil is arguably one of the most powerful supervillains in Brockton Bay. In addition to his power, he employs a variety of supervillain teams and independent supervillains; the Undersiders, the Travelers, Uber and Leet, Circus, Chariot, Trainwreck, and could hire Faultline's Crew or even cape mercenaries from Boston and New York as needed.[7] He is also the head of a large mercenary force that he outfits with top-of-the-line gear including tinker-tech rifles.

Coil's power appears to grant him the ability to 'split' the world into two timelines and then collapse the timeline he likes less whenever he wants, "destiny manipulation". In truth, his power allows him to mentally simulate concomitant timelines (corcognition), which last until he dies in one of the simulations or he chooses to end one of the simulations.[18][3] Once he makes his choice he essentially enters an 'autopilot mode' and follows the actions he took in the simulation; once it is over, he is free to do as he wishes again.[19]

This power allows Coil to attempt different courses of action regarding a situation and then pick the timeline he wants to keep while retaining all knowledge from the other timeline. Much of his real world success ultimately hinged on this ability to create feed-forward loops; being able to test his plans in different permutations before acting upon them. Time moves forward in his realities regardless of what he does, which limits what he can actually do in a specific timeline.[20][21]

Sources of "causality interference" interfere with his power, including most precognitives, meaning he can't make use of information-gathering powers again and again in different timelines.[22]


As previously stated Coil is extremely careful which extends to all his actions as a parahuman, part of his regular operating procedures is to have one timeline where he sleeps through the night while having another where he works through the night just so he is kept abreast of all possible developments.[23] This allows him to maintain and increase his knowledge base while remaining physically healthy.

He knows how to manipulate people and events or 'set the scene' where he can sell such lies as him having 'destiny control'.[24][25]

He was in the habit of torturing people for information in alternate realities.[26][27]

The Plan[]

Coil's plan to take over Brockton Bay was a long time in coming and involved numerous plans and steps. He would have been able to adapt it had different circumstances arisen.[28] [29]



Thomas was a part of the PRT's special forces. When the PRT received reports about Nilbog, his team was sent in to deal with the situation. He was one of the only two survivors of the following incident, the other being Emily Piggot.[30]

At some point, Thomas found out about and approached Cauldron before he bought a superpower. It was expensive, forcing him to postpone his plans and spend years gaming the market in order to pay it off.[8]

Story Start[]

Attended the meeting at Somer's Rock completely by himself.[12] Offered money to make sure the mercenaries of the city were commmited to the fight against the ABB

Following several successful jobs by The Undersiders he revealed himself to his employees.

When the endbringer came to Brockton Bay Coil hunkered down and waited for everything to blow over.


Began making moves to secure territory in the devastated city through his employed villains.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

His plans so close to fruition, Coil now had to deal with Dragon and Defiant deploying their new mechanical suits to Brockton Bay. After paying a hefty sum to the Dragonslayers his hirelings were able to drive the suits out. He was then able to enact his endgame.[5]

Faking his death in an attack at the mayoral debate he was able to disgrace Director Piggot and take over for her as Thomas Calvert.[1] He did not account for Skitter being there in her civilian identity. Skitter found out about his identity and confronted him. Calvert was prepared and made a clumsy attempt to kill Skitter. He almost turned Skitter's teammates against her, but failed due to Grue's power allowing them to uncover the deception. In the final meeting, Tattletale revealed that she bought out his mercenaries. Skitter then took a gun and prepared to shoot him. Coil assumed she wasn't a killer. Skitter bluntly told him "No. But I suppose in a roundabout way, you made me one." She then shot him in the head.[31]

As his final act of spite, Coil made sure that Noelle Meinhardt heard his death over the phone. Her last hope of being cured gone, Noelle would break out of her cell and rampage across Brockton Bay, setting out to kill the Undersiders for what they had done.[32]


His murderers would take everything that was his, including his place in the expectations of the organization that had secretly backed him.[9]

Chapter Appearances[]

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  • "I’ll admit I am not proud of my failure to see the bigger picture, and I assure you, it is not a mistake I am prepared to make again."[33]



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    Filling in for the interim is Commander Thomas Calvert.  When asked about this new placement, the PRT reported that Commander Calvert served as a PRT field agent before an honorable discharge.  For the past several years he has offered his expertise to the PRT as a paid consultant in parahuman affairs for New York, Brockton Bay and Boston, later serving as a field commander for the PRT strike squads.  The PRT expresses full confidence in Commander Calvert’s ability to handle the daunting task of Brockton Bay’s parahuman-” - Excerpt from Monarch 16.9
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    Keep in mind, also, that the shards aren't inclined to let people sit around and spend months of time working on side projects without getting any dose of conflict. What happens is you get Spheres and Professor Haywires and Leets.
    Coil was difficult to kill because he was:
    • Inaccessible. Coil only made limited appearances to meetings like the one at Somer's Rock. He didn't eat, he didn't drink, and his costume covered his entire body, so it's hard to apply contact poisons, get him with parasites, penetrate to get him with a mosquito, etc. In virtually any instance where one could apply such or outright attack him, he defaults back to a scenario where he didn't attend the meeting. You'd need something utterly undetectable, and either guaranteed to kill him or that you could apply enough times to actually get him.
    • He acted almost entirely through intermediaries. Hirelings, underlings, and people that he had otherwise vetted. Dinah later served as a way to screen these hirelings. Before Dinah, he simply allowed very few people to actually meet him and only then when he could absolutely cover his ass with his power.
    • Dinah, once acquired, let him actually meet and deal with the Travelers and Undersiders. She, in short, let him cover his bases on the subtle aspects, the stuff he can't foresee and avoid, and his main power (as well as Dinah) let him cover his bases on the more blatant attacks. He wakes up every day and figures out the odds of him being betrayed by an underling, people trying to be clever and dose him with an airborne poison, the odds of another faction making a move against him, etc, etc. - Random thoughts on worm (Wildbow, Reddit.com, 2016-10-01) Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name "R4" defined multiple times with different content
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  4. Ah, but here’s my question – is it truly that bad, to murder, torture, maim, psychologically scar people, if it only really happens in your head? Or in a concurrent reality that never unfolds into long term consequences/a future?

    I’m sure all of us have idly daydreamed about kicking some irritating customer/client/bosses ass, what it would take to get away with murder, etc. Is that truly so different from what Coil does to relieve stress?

    I stress that this is a hypothetical, and should not be interpreted as my actual views. Just curious how people are interpreting it. - Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 8.z
  5. 5.0 5.1 Peanuckle said: I think Coil's biggest failing here is his desire to monologue, a classic villain mistake. If he had just ordered his men to shoot without bringing in Tattletale, then there wouldn't have been a problem. Then again, his claim to be able to deal with the PR hit was probably a bluff to destabilize Skitter. Being outed about his criminal career would probably cost him his position as PRT director.

    There's a balance to be found. Haste makes waste, and just pulling the trigger and destabilizing things without stopping and touching ground involves risks. If Taylor's deadman's switch was real, for example, that would make rushing headlong into a disastrous scenario for Coil. He's spent all this time building up and securing his position, and he doesn't want to stumble at the last second.

    Stopping and having a short discussion means you get to decipher just why things fell apart so you can manage things better in the future. Too easy to get into a situation where you're just doing damage control and you hastily plug a hole only to find that more of your subordinates are getting restless and entertaining the wrong sorts of thoughts.

    Maybe not in this specific situation, but it would be Coil's overall mindset and personality.

    As compared to the 'just about ego' monologue (though I imagine a smidge of ego was involved).

    Peanuckle said: Even though Coil admits to torturing members of the Undersiders. I wonder if he tortured Lisa, but she toughed through it? More likely he grabbed Taylor or Brian since they're closer to the issue.
    Why not all of them?

    This would be why you compartmentalize the plan to take down the reality-splitting overlord. Talk it out, give everyone the key points, but don't tell Brian what Tattletale is doing, exactly.

    Aside: I imagine if Tattletale got tortured in a Coil reality, she'd know it was a Coil reality and adjust accordingly. - Comments By Wildbow on SufficientVelocity
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    “Good to know. I’ll inform the Doctor.”

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    Coil had been the focus of the test, unaware. The man had also been Accord’s friend, the one who’d sold him the PRT databases. His death had been a tragic thing, on many levels. There were few men Accord considered worthy of being his friend.

    Now it hinged on the Undersiders. They’d taken up Coil’s legacy, after a fashion, and just like Coil, their ambitions fell in line with Cauldron’s. The organization’s hopes rode on them and their decisions. Accord’s hopes rode on them: his twenty-three year plan, saving the world from the worst kind of disorder. In the end, they were responsible for billions. - Excerpt from Interlude 20.y
  10. E88 inevitably breaks into factions. The cracks formed when Coil outed them, and even without Leviathan to be the hammer, the wedge is in place for Coil to drive in. Kaiser's group remains strong, but doesn't have the foothold in the city as Coil consistently wins engagements, the Travelers hit them hard, and the PRT maintains a strong initial presence. Kaiser goes to Boston and allies with a seemingly cooperative Accord, which, in a roundabout way (given Accord's tie to Coil) gives Coil influence over him. - Speculation by wildbow on Reddit
  11. He headed back inside, showered, then dressed in a button-up shirt, khakis and a silk tie.  He got in his four-year old prius and headed into the city.  What was normally a ten minute drive took him three-quarters of an hour, as he was forced to detour around destroyed roads, fallen buildings, and reconstruction work, move with the other drivers in a perpetual traffic jam from the moment that he left the little cul-de-sac where his house was.  To all appearances, he was an ordinary man leaving for work.  His identity, fabricated, was complete, a real job at a real company, records going back ten years in health, taxes, dentistry, house payments and more. - Excerpt from Interlude 8.z
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    So he couldn’t ‘play out the day’ to see if his plan would succeed and then go ahead & do it. He could simulate something close to it by rescheduling the debate and/or doing this at some other major event, then canceling the reality.

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    In one reality, he was safely ensconced in his underground base, costumed, with no less than twenty armed soldiers between himself and the multiple sets of heavy metal doors.   He had spent his night reading, following the news and checking his stocks.  His location was known only to those who worked for him, individuals paid well enough that even if they did have reason to attack him, their ‘coworkers’ would have incentive to stop them.

    Second reality:  He was waking up in an ordinary, slightly rundown home in the southwest end of the city.  He prepared and ate his breakfast, then stepped outside in his bathrobe to pick up the paper and the mail, pausing to wave to the neighbors as they led their two girls out of the house.  The flooding hadn’t affected their neighborhood as much as others, but the schools weren’t yet up and running, so the mother and father would be taking their girls to work with them for a short while.
    “It’s morning, pet.  You know what questions I ask you.”

    “It’s morning?” she asked, head rising.  “I feel like I just had dinner.  Candy?”

    “No, pet.  It’s too early.  Now please answer my question.”

    Petulant, she replied, “Zero point two five two percent chance there’s any problems here in the next hour.  Three point seven four four one percent chance there’s any problems before lunchtime.”

    “Good girl,” he spoke.

    With that, he collapsed that world where he had stayed up all night, studying the news, following international business trends, tracking the details on his troops’ most minor operations – he helped ensure the success of the major ones with his power.  The reality swiftly faded, leaving only the world where he had a full night’s sleep, ate a hearty breakfast, drove to the base with Creep.  Only the memories and knowledge remained. - Excerpt from Interlude 8.z
  24. Universe one: I, Coil, notice Taylor and nod. Taylor flips the coin, reveals it.

    Universe two: I Coil, pretend not to notice Taylor. I speak to Grue. "It's a question of power. I can manipulate events, I have manipulated events for your benefit, and I have a wealth of resources at my disposal..."

    Stop as soon as the coin is revealed. If Taylor's coin landed heads, go with that universe. If it didn't, then...

    Universe 1: Notice Taylor, "Oh, yes, go ahead." She flips and reveals coin.

    Universe 2: Keep talking. - Wildbow on Coil and the coins
  25. Step 1: Flip a coin for person A.

    > Results don’t matter. If Heads, that’s preferable, but if both are Tails, then go with that reality. Replace every instance of ‘heads’ below with ‘tails’ and vice versa.

    Step 2: Flip coin for Person B.

    > Reality 1, flip. If heads, move to Step 3.

    > Reality 2, prevaricate, talk about chance, fate, and destiny, delay in handing out the coin, or just double check that the person in question is ready to take the coin. Repeat step 2 (flip in one reality, prevaricate in another).

    Steps 3-5, same as step 2.

    You really only need 4 results for the 5 Undersiders because step 1 doesn’t matter. You’re not flipping in both realities, you’re flipping in one and delaying a moment in another.

    Step 6 is trickier, because Taylor flips a coin of her own, but it’s highly unlikely that she would have gone ahead and flipped while he was talking. I imagine Coil making a decision where he tells her to stop, to wait, and move slowly – he might have hired them but he doesn’t trust her not to draw a weapon. - Interlude 8 Comment by Wildbow in Interlude 8.z
  26. “I didn’t do anything.  He was the one who turned on us first,” I protested.

    I sensed Trickster turn Calvert’s way.

    Calvert sighed audibly.  “As Skitter knows about my power and ever so kindly revealed the broad strokes of it to everyone in earshot, I suppose there’s no loss in explaining.  I tortured one member of the Undersiders for information, in another world, days ago.  They revealed that you were plotting to turn on me if I refused to release Dinah.  I cannot afford to release her, so my hand was forced.”

    “So it’s our fault?” Imp asked.

    “Ultimately, yes.” - Excerpt from Monarch 16.13
  27. Peanuckle: Even though Coil admits to torturing members of the Undersiders. I wonder if he tortured Lisa, but she toughed through it? More likely he grabbed Taylor or Brian since they're closer to the issue.

    Wildbow: Why not all of them?
    This would be why you compartmentalize the plan to take down the reality-splitting overlord. Talk it out, give everyone the key points, but don't tell Brian what Tattletale is doing, exactly.
    Aside: I imagine if Tattletale got tortured in a Coil reality, she'd know it was a Coil reality and adjust accordingly. - Wildbow on Space battles
  28. Speculation by wildbow on Reddit
  29. Speculation by wildbow on Reddit
  30. Interlude 16.x
  31. Monarch 16.13
  32. We stopped when we reached Tattletale. She stood facing the vault door. The one that was used to seal Noelle within.

    There were two vault doors, one set behind the other, and both were ruined, the one closest to us nearly folded in half, hanging by one hinge.

    “A final act of spite,” Tattletale said. She looked at the phone in her hand. “He made sure she heard our conversation.” - Excerpt from Monarch 16.13
  33. Buzz 7.11

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